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European openness offers an opportunity for all young people

Nantes Creative Generations also wants to get young people from Nantes involved, in particular those who have the fewest opportunities, to help them to develop projects and get active in Europe.

NCG on Tour


NCG also aims at supporting Nantes youngsters with fewer opportunities, with no or short experience of travelling, to experience a trip abroad thanks to the NCG European network.

Every year, three groups of 4 people (aged 18-25) go on a tour around Europe in order to discover cities and projects of the NCG network members.
About the group of young people :

  • They don’t know each other before departure
  • They are given the opportunity to travel for 4-5 days and dedicate at least one day to the meeting of NCG European partners to discover their project. They are then asked to prepare a short movie and photo report to present in Nantes during NCG Forum.
  • Before departure, local NGOs provide them with advice and support to prepare the trip (English language workshops, practical details, cultural information, etc.)
  • All their expenses are covered by Nantes Métropole

Once in the city, they are warmly greeted by Europeans partners who:

  • meet them and present the project they showcased during NCG and also their ongoing projects
  • give them tips and advices for their stay (places to visit, people to meet, etc.) that they can do on their own.

These experiences are very successful which is mostly due to the great way they are welcomed all over Europe by the NCG members! This experience is very relevant for the Nantes youngsters who really improve their levels of self-confidence, English skills, openness to new cultures, citizenship involvement, etc.

Throwback to the latest experiences

NCG on Tour 2018

In 2018, 13 Nantes youngsters travelled to Athens, Odessa, Tbilisi and Warsaw

NCG on Tour 2017

In summer 2017, 11 youngsters from Nantes aged 18 to 25 went for almost a week to Lisbon (Portugal), Budapest (Hungary) and Tirana (Albania).

NCG on Tour 2016 

In summer 2016, 8 youngsters from Nantes aged 18 to 25 went for almost a week to Belgrade (Serbia) and Saarbrücken (Germany).

NCG on Tour 2015  

In summer 2015, 12 youngsters from Nantes aged 18 to 25 went for almost a week to Amsterdam, Bratislava and Göteborg.

NCG on Tour 2014

In summer 2014, 12 youngsters from Nantes aged 18 to 25 went for almost a week to Greek island Rhodes, Sofia in Bulgaria and Tbilisi in Georgia. On the spot they were welcomed by youngsters of the same age - holders of projects on local development, fight against discriminations and promoting international mobility.

NCG on Tour 2013 

In summer 2013, 12 youngsters from Nantes visited the former participants of NCG Forum - holders of the project Link in Altamura (Italy), Photomarathon in Saarbrücken (Germany), Utopia Helsinki in Helsinki (Finland) and Débouche la ville! in Szczeczin (Poland).

First meetings in 2012

In summer 2012, 10 youngsters from Nantes went for a visit of membres of the NCG network to The Hague (Netherlands), Bologna (Italy), Potsdam (Germany) and Amadora (Portugal). The meetings generated a lot of success. A restitution was proposed during the Forum 2012.

Pour s’inscrire et/ou avoir plus d’informations sur « NCG on Tour », il suffit de contacter l’une des associations du réseau NCG :

> Léo Lagrange - L’EclectiC / 3 Rue Eugène Thomas, 44300 Nantes / 02 40 40 91 18 / Katell: 06 27 75 46 72 . Par mail : 

> Léo Lagrange - Le TriptiC / Route de Sainte Luce, 44300 Nantes / 02 53 55 74 14 

> Parcours le monde / 102 rue Saint-Jacques, 44200 Nantes /   02 51 86 02 65  /

> Pépinière jeunesse Horizon / BREIL / 38 rue du Breil, 44100 Nantes /