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NCG on Tour 2013

12 Nantes youngsters to explore Europe

During the summer of 2013, 12 young people travelled to Europe in order to meet some participants to former NCG Forums. In groups of three, they stayed 4-5 days in each city, with the mission to bring small audio or video reports.


Kaireddine, 19 years old, went to Sarrebrücken to meet the Augenblick Association Photomarathon. This represented his first independent travel experience: "We compared what was happening in France and Germany. I spoke another language, discovered another way of thinking. I feel that I got more maturity and a taste for travel". 

Clémence, 28, stayed in Szczecin, Poland, where the project "Unjam the City " promotes cycling for 7 years now. "I could see how associations develop elsewhere in Europe and how the people live there."

Paul, 26, and Faize, 19, are studying foreign languages. They met members of Utopia Helsinki in Finland, where cultural events are organized to fight against discrimination (disability, sexual orientation...). "We discovered their sense of involvement, which is a little bit different from ours, more punctual and less supported than in France" said Paul. Faize added: "The stereotypes I had about Scandinavian countries have changed." and says that she really "wants to plan another trip as soon as possible".


A short movie about the trip in Altamura, Saarbrücken and Helsinki


A short movie about the trip in Szczecin, Poland