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Slavomir and Maros (Slovakia) - Forum 2014

Paint the City !

"Our wish is to transform public spaces. Within the youth council of Bratislava, w had the idea to paint public facilities which are used every day to make the city more beautiful. Now, we try to involve artists and private partners in our project. We hope, coming to NCG, to inspire us with ideas from other projects and to find partners in other countries, perhaps with Nantes! »

Lilian and Thomas (Nantes) - Forum 2014

Architecture nd Re-use

"Our association Les Marchands de Sables  is working on the reuse of construction materials. We collect all materials for scenography, to create stands, sculptures...  Joiing NCG, we wish to give a European dimension to the project, having workshop with other young people to talk about upcycling, to know how to go beyond what we do, to see if there are other ways to do... "

Shqiponja, 22 years old (Italy), Forum 2011

Involving young people with disabilities in community life

"What’s my project? Help children and young people with disabilities open up to culture so they can integrate into society and feel like true European citizens. My aim is to make them feel capable of doing things by themselves. I also want to expose young people with disabilities to other realities than their own. This project teaches me about myself, because I’m dealing with different realities than my own, and that shows me what I’m capable of. It also helped me to figure out what I want to do in the future: work with young underprivileged children and help them integrate into society. Being chosen to take part in Nantes Creative Generations was important for me too. I get the chance to mix with people from different background and challenge my ideas. It’s an opportunity to think about new things and maybe even build European partnerships."

Laurent (Nantes) - Forum 2014

Benenova : facilitate volunteering

"Our mission is to facilitate volunteering. Our idea is to carry out specific projects depending on volunteers wishes. We offer short volunteerig time to other associations on specific tasks. We want people to feel free and responsible. Nowadays, people want to explore new ways of getting involved, without constraints. Our goal is to develop volunteering and to remove barriers while emphasizing the notion of meeting. »

Liene and Liga (Germany) - Forum 2014

Fighting youth unemplyement

"As students, we ’ve been carrying out a study about youth employement with six European countries - Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia - The main topic : how each country fight youth unemployment. Then, we shared the study’s results with each country in order to reveal best practices so that everyone can use it. Being on the NCG forum, is a chance for us to discover other experiences. »

Marta, 24 years old (Latvia), Forum 2010

In Your Spotlight: participatory local media

"I started In Your Spotlight with a few other journalism students. The concept is simple: allow young Latvians to express themselves on societal issues. Every month for the past year, we invite school kids, university students and young professionals to enter articles on a given topic. The best articles are then selected by a professional panel and published in a web magazine. I think it’s essential for democracy to give the youth of Latvia the chance to have their say in total freedom and in their native language. By writing articles for In Your Spotlight, my fellow citizens are helping to create an independent local media. It’s a big thing for me to be in Nantes today. It allows me to meet other young people and form ties. Nantes Creative Generations is proof that the youth of Europe is buzzing with ideas and talents. That’s really encouraging for the future."

Angela and Yaiza (Spain) - Forum 2014

Back at seventeen : Reconnecting generations

"Our project is to invite people to talk about their "17 years old" to other people of different ages, in order to raise awareness about history. For example, we made an interview of a 64 years old man. He was 17 during the Franco dictatorship period, suffering diferent kind of restrictions, dreaming of recovering freedom... A 30 years old man can’t have the same history, that is why sharing experiences is really interesting. We would like to folow up this project with people of different nationalities. »

Antoine and David (Nantes) - Forum 2014

Meeting European urban culture

"With a, we would like to take a van tour of Europe in order to meet and talk with urban cultures activists. Our van could host a small studio to record videos. We also want to explore dance, painting, video reporting, making of radio programms leading to connections and exchanges between French and European artists. The NCG Forum give us the opportunity to get in contact with associations and a network in Europe. »

Phillip and Troel, 30 and 33 years old (Denmark), Forum 2010

OK Corral: young talent incubator

"We came up with the idea for OK Corral at the Copenhagen school of fine arts, where we originally intended it to be an incubator for alumni. We set up in an industrial site, which we divided into 20 studios. Each 20m² plot was given to a young artist as a studio. This very low-rent space for creation puts artist in a good position to kick start their career. While they can stay as long as they please, there is a natural turnover. As soon as they’re ready to stand on their own two feet, they move on. OK Corral gives young Danish artists a leg-up by letting them meet, form networks and envisage working together. Taking part in Nantes Creative Generations is essential for us. It makes us feel as if we are actually building the Europe of the future."

Teresa and Kieran, 26 and 24 years old (Finland), Forum 2011

When the youth invade public spaces with culture

"Our idea, named City Environment Developing Project, is to help young people make their projects a reality through public cultural events. We started out working with 15-to-18-year-olds in a square under construction. We dealt with social issues. When the project took shape, I realised I was capable of organising that type of event. I also discovered, however, that some things are harder than I thought. I found out that a project like this was much more work than I had imagined.
We hope that at the Nantes forum we’ll be able to work on projects with other Europeans. It’s interesting to see all the projects, and swapping experiences is really fulfilling. It gives you a different perspective on topics you’d approach in another way. And for my future career, it’s really helpful to be exposed to new ideas and bounce off different people."

Antonia, 21 years old (Germany), Forum 2009

A community garden in a social housing district

"Ten other students and I decided to create a community garden in a social housing district of Potsdam. We worked for two weeks with gardeners, architects and town planners, then we got down to planting and digging. We also met with some local residents to explain what we were doing, get them involved and make them realise the importance of inhabiting public spaces. The garden’s now finished and the residents look after it and make improvements. They have taken full ownership, and that was our aim. Taking part in Nantes Creative Generations allowed me to discuss ideas and discover projects by other young Europeans. It also made me realise that regardless of where you live or what project you’re working on, the problems are the same everywhere. It’s really a fulfilling experience, and it made me want to get involved all over again."

Otto, 21 years old (Sweeden), Forum 2009

Street events to form a bond

"My work involves painting manhole covers, then printing the design onto clothes, bags and notebooks. I set up in the streets of Stockholm, and passers-by stop and watch me paint. My aim is just to get them to take notice, react and from that start a dialogue. It’s both an artistic and a social approach. I create street events to form a bond. I came to Nantes to present my project and meet other young Europeans. It’s an extremely fulfilling personal experience that has allowed me to discover other cultures. I’d like to create a website to bring together all the manhole cover painters in Europe. The goal is the same: form a bond, and help people open up to each other."