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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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UBUNTU raises public awareness around the practice of the Female Genital Cutting, its consequences and breaks taboos on the female sex. Through various communication tools, such as its travelling exhibition "Excision, mutilated women", the UBUNTU team works in youth spaces, schools and hospital groups to raise awareness and promote prevention around this subject.


New Regions works with vulnerable groups in the city of Mogilev, in particular with LGBTQ+ people. They work in the « most homophobic city of one of the most homophobic countries in Europe ».

Alina, Konstanstin / Mogilev

Let’s touch ourselves (Si On Se Touchait )

Si On Se Touchait (Let’s touch ourselves) is a breast cancer prevention organization that is positioned upstream of the usual screening tests (screening tests organized already for 50 years), simply based on touching and feeling ourselves. The objective is to encourage women but also men to become aware that prevention should become a gesture of daily life.

Pauline, Solena / Nantes


In order to enhance urban sustainability the project Cargonomia embraces three different but very complementary activities. The main goal is to promote low-tech, carbon free, urban transport system, to increase the consumption of local organic food and to create an open space for community activities dealing with sustainability. The project’s main actions include cargo-bike transport and rental services, organic food distribution and organization of community events around similar topics through creating a convivial space.

Orsoyla /  Budapest

Back at seventeen

Back at seventeen is an audiovisual project where people of different nationalities and ages are invited to remember how they were at their seventeen. This project makes a trip to this age of uncertainty of adolescence and transition to adult life. Conducted through personal interviews, the soul of this project is to work on integration of youth, who recently left their seventeen, to seniors, who have almost forgotten their seventeen.

Angela, Yaiza / Torrijos

My Art Deserves A Home

My Art Deserves A Home is a project set up to encourage homeless people in shelters across Dublin to engage with artworkshops, giving them a positive opportunity to socialise with one another, relax and express themselves creatively. The therapeutic nature of these workshops is particularly beneficial to these individuals who are trying to cope up with a very stressful situation.

Anna / Dublin


Benenova cooperates with local associations in order to prepare short and specific voluntary projects with strong social impact that focus on making the sympathy engagement for all easier. Every citizen, regardless of age or minimal contribution can engage in realization of those projects by sacrificing just a few hours from time to time. 

Laurent / Nantes


The Nizanerie

The project consists in revealing a place, the Paul Nizan Street, and getting the residents involved in the transformation of their neighbourhood. It offers the residents an opportunity to meet and to have solidarity initiatives on a large scale of the common space (public space, vacant ground floor…). The project brings together the authors of the city, whether they are residents or institutions. It plays the role of a mediator and negotiator between those who live in the city and those who make the decisions, in a neighbourhood in the middle of an urban transformation.

Maud, Anne-Lise / Nantes

RE-BON, Nantes gleaning network

RE-BON project objective is to act specifically to reduce the food waste and to raise awareness about this topic among citizens. One of the core activities done by the volunteers is the collection of the fruits and vegetables meant to be trashed by the agricultural concerns. This food is further used and redistributed by charity associations. 

Flavie / Rezé

Amigos for children

Amigos is a non-profit initiative helping children suffering from chronic diseases. Our team consists of university students who are eager to make the world a better place. We want to ease the pain and brighten the days of children through learning languages and playing. In addition to learning, the team also provides psychological support for children and parents alike. Moreover, we educate young students on social awareness, so the volunteers also develop social sensitivity.

Kartal, Kim Evelin / Budapest

Chess For Autism

What if chessplaying could help to overcome autism ? A young chess player, Etien, created the first chess association for autistic children in Albania : workshops and training sessions are organized in public as private places, supervised by young people, students and professionals who volunteers. This project helps children and young adults with autism through chess as well as sport practicing to improve their communication and sensitize people about autism.

Etien, Joana / Tirana

The Chlamydia lottery

Organizing an impactful communication campaign on the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Sofie and Ellis William / Goetborg

Ride a bike to promote your Start-UP

The goal of this project is to promote start-up projects in ecological manner by riding a bike. This is an economic means of transport that preserves natural resources. The project sensitizes new generations to use less the car and ride bicycles for their daily travels. Also create an approach in sports, socializing and living healthier. This would be the best way to inform, encourage youth to get involved in business projects and innovative ideas.

Elisa, Kejsi / Tirana

Refugees Welcome Romania

Refugees Welcome Romania project aims to connect asylum seekers and refugees with hosts who are willing to provide their spare rooms as accommodation or in any way help the people in need. The purpose of the project is to provide a housing solution for asylum seekers and refugees and at the same time promote cultural exchange between households and the asylum seeker/refugee community.

Bianca Nicole, Alexandru / Bucharest

Taking part workshops

Improvement of the mental health and wellbeing of people suffering from common mental health problems, increasing their access to local services and improving relationships between primary care and the 3rd sector.

Victoria and Mathew / Wallsend

Globeconteur - Living stories of territories

The objective of Globeconteur is to collect and share local stories and lyrics gathered from volunteers inhabitants, mainly from the elderly. The project is based on the involvement of citizens, territories and the creation of an internet platform. It invites to share values of solidarity, memory and peace among different generations and cultures.

Vincent, Leslie / Nantes

Youth Media and social rights

To facilitate access to rights and social services for young African Portuguese speakers in deprived areas of Lisbon and involve them in community activities via a magazine, radio station and blog.

Dynka and Raquel / Lisbon

Music Career Path

The "Music Career Path" is a project for young talented artists and musicians who don’t have the means to enter Polish or international music scene. The project is based on three main assumptions, which are also determinants of volunteer activities - youth, activity and talent. Besides the music, project also aims at first aid education and drug and alcohol prevention. The whole event culminates with the Jeżowe Rock Festival, where selected participants will perform.

Rafal, Zuzanna / Jezowe

Microvolunteering Consultancy Service

"Free Microvolunteering Consultancy Service targeting non profits": To learn more about the benefits of microvolunteering. The consultancy service is free and open to all interested charities. The consultancy process involves providing personalized advice to charities who want to create microvolunteering tasks, recruit or coordinate microvolunteers and/or improve their existing microvolunteering projects. 

Luciana / Bucharest

Byte to Unite

Our project is all about improving the lives of young people in Cardiff. Each year an issue is raised through a national campaign and we work on the top issues voted on in Cardiff. Curriculum for Life has been a top issue for the last 3 years and young people have been working together to create positive change for young people in Cardiff around PSE and Mental health Awareness.

David, Sophie / Cardiff

No Limit

The project was created in order to make art and culture accessible and affordable to EVERYONE! It brings intergenerational sharing of art and culture among all; children, youth, elderly and also people with disabilities. No Limit creates projects concerning body and danced movement by propagation, creation and production of events.

Oriane, Laissa / Nantes

ReBuilding Democracy

This project encourages a dialogue between Ukrainian and European youth about democratic processes in their countries and their possible improvement. The aim is to encourage active youth participation in building society, developing relevant skills, cultural exchange, informal education and youth cooperation.  The project is created by Ukrainian youth for everyone from Europe who is interested to make a step further to understand the situation in Ukraine.

Yevgeniya, Viktoria / Kiev


This long−term project of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) was initiated by a group of few young people in 2009/2010 and it was developed to increase the participation of students with disabilities in mobility, and make Erasmus Student Network an accessible organization. A sub-part of ExchangeAbility Project, Mapability, aims to create a map about the accessibility and services of European Higher Education Institutions for students with disabilities, in order to provide them with practical information to be more confident about participating in study mobility programs.

Joanna (Poland, Cracow), Karólína (Iceland, Reykjavik) / Brussels


Promoting and supporting youth mobility (Europe and International), social integration of youngsters children and youth with disabilities through the organization of activities and the involvement of young volunteers in local associations.

Shqiponja / Altamura

Foodsharing Katowice

The project is about creating a place in which everyone can leave some food that they don’t need but it is before the expiry date. In this way the food is prevented from being thrown away, and at the same time people in need can take the food from a special cupboard in the public place (restaurant). Our aim is also to integrate the local community.

Anna, Kamila / Katowice

El Mercado

El Mercado is a community market day to promote sustainable consumption and support young locals, musicians, artists and cooking enthusiasts within the community. The objective is to bring young artists, musicians and community members together to enjoy a communal space while promoting sustainable consumption. 

 Katie, Cristina / Utrecht


The project aims to raise awareness about the "caregivers": persons who help regularly and voluntarily at home one or more of their ageing relatives for health reasons. Cyclosocial consisted in collecting testimonies of "caregivers" and presenting them on a cycling exhibition in 23 different places in one month. 

Valérie, Elodie / Nantes

De pas à pattes

The project Pas à pattes aims to bring together children with social or family difficulties and shelter animals. The goal is to change their relationships with others and allow them to recover their self-confidence. Among the main actions of this project: workshops to the shelter where the children presented the animals to the public; making pictures of animals, etc.

Maude / Nantes


Intercultur’aide is an association that helps to assist unaccompanied foreign minors living in the Nantes region. We work together with non-governmental organisations based in Nantes and we organise school support workshops and trips for them every weekend.

Lisa, Pauline / Nantes


Youth to Youth is a project with the aim of making young refugees active citizens through relations with ethnic Danes. It was initiated by Danish Refugee Council Youth Network and the main objectives are to make relations across ethnicity and to make refugees become active in volunteering which is meant to be a part of being an active citizen.

Rikke Cecilie, Andreas / Pandrup

Solidarity Sandwich

Solidarity sandwich is a project that aims to collect products for homeless shelter, share sandwiches in exchange for one product and mainly sensitize the local community to see the problems of homeless people in our town. Our students won the 3rd prize in the video competition of NGO organisation "Žmergo" ("Plate full of humanity"). We collected 262 products that were given to homeless people in exchange of 200 sandwiches.

Katarina, Marina / Rijeka

La Tricyclerie

The Tricyclerie is a project set up to collect bio-waste by professionals riding cargo-bikes, in order to compost the waste in urban and suburban areas. Through this activity, the aim is to face key issues of the local territory such as recycling of bio-waste in urban areas. It also intends to develop soft mobility as future urban logistic solutions.

Coline / Nantes

Youth tackling Hate Speech

Youth peer learning for Tackling Hate Speech is a project that was created to combat hate speech, strengthen human and individual rights and promote intercultural dialogue between migrants and residents in Amadora, Portugal. It is carried by Bué Fixed-Associação de Jovens, a youth organization that leads a campaign to prevent from hate speech and to support those who suffer from its consequences.

Mario, Monica / Amadora

See your options and get to know professions

The project target is to help kids understand their options, interests, capabilities and further development opportunities provided by educational institutions. Playfully solving small practical tasks, kids acquire useful skills in further life while at the same time making insights for professions that can be learned at RTVS (Riga Trade Vocational Secondary) school. This project also helps kids with no parents to better integrate in the society and professional field.

Evija Aija, Krista / Riga

Rainbow Youth Centre Kirjava

Rainbow Youth Centre Kirjava is a Finnish youth centre dedicated to propagation of acceptance and support for young LGBTs. Created by the initiative of 6 young people from the city of Espoo, it is now supported by the services of the municipality. Its main targets are youth aged from 13 to 28 years. The centre runs numerous activities to promote the positive discrimination towards LGBTs.

Jere, Sinna / Espoo

Awake the world

The Awake the world is a narrative project that arises from the idea that everyone needs to wake up to come to realize that violent extremism is posing a threat to our democratic societies, to emphasizing tolerance and shared values. Initiatives are based on awakening tolerance and respect in each individual instead of passing this responsibility to his or her community.

Irene, Jara / Madrid

Faire Uni Saar

Faire Uni Saar is a project concerning student awareness of fair trade and responsible consumption. This project was created in collaboration with academic institutions, civil society and students. Thanks to the project, the university in Saarbrücken, Germany, obtained an award for being the first German university engaged in fair trade in 2014.

Christine, Meike / Saarbrucken

Youth Forum: ACT, ReACT, ImpACT

The main aim of the Youth Forum is to attract youth aged 18 – 35 to discuss, analyse, reflect and confront the new media representations of migrants and refugees. The participants will analyse the stereotypes applied, identify the hate speech but also discover how to apply positive new media storytelling and how the migrants and refugees turn from an object to a subject of the media representation.

 Shemsedin, Ana / Skopje

Identità sconfinate

Identita sconfinate is a project led by students who wish to build a network of partners driven by the same solidarity and intercultural dynamics around the migration issue. To counter the racist arguments of some policies, the collective raises funds to buy DNA tests for different ministers to prove in a scientific and offbeat way that racial difference is non-existent.

Rosa Maria, Gaetano / Padergnone

KNOW YOUR REFUGEES! - La città ti apre le porte

Know Your Refugees! offers the opportunity for Bologna residents to discover all the existing organisations and services that help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, through a giant treasure hunt.

Cristina, Nicholas / Bologna

GET IN ! Inclusion of youngsters in community life

The project Get In! supports inclusion of young people from vulnerable groups by creation of community centers in rural areas. The project is initiated by Association of International Volunteering from Moldova in partnership with Arm Active (Armenia), Euro FRC (Poland) and EuroSud (Italy), all of them being NGOs that are working in their countries in order to create opportunities for young people.

Olga, Marina / Chisinau