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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Tranzit 2030 produces a series of portraits and interviews of pro-European figures in Romanian civil society who represent a through their profession and civic engagement, represent a model of good practice in the European context.

Bernadeta, Alexander-Grig / Giurgiu

Back at seventeen

Back at seventeen is an audiovisual project where people of different nationalities and ages are invited to remember how they were at their seventeen. This project makes a trip to this age of uncertainty of adolescence and transition to adult life. Conducted through personal interviews, the soul of this project is to work on integration of youth, who recently left their seventeen, to seniors, who have almost forgotten their seventeen.

Angela, Yaiza / Torrijos


Young people from the KOUAKILARIV’ association teach other youngsters to use a professional camera. They help them to frame their shots, select images and prepare their own exhibition.

Antsa / Nantes


The participants aged from 12 to 16 years will get the chance to develop their video skills by exploring and trying out the cultural and social life in their own city, and making video reports about it. Their work will be then collected and displayed on internet, so that peers and other interested parties get an overall picture of cultural and leisure activities in their city. Helped by a mentor, the youngsters will learn how to use a camera, do interviews, and so on.

Shauni, Barbara / Ghent

Objectif Solutions Alternatives

Production and distribution of a video documentary highlighting new initiatives for a sustainable development in the United States. Educating young people in sustainable development issues.

Pauline and Florian / Nantes

Youth Media Days 2013

The second edition of the Festival analyzes deeper the problems and issues faced every day by the young Italian journalists, trying to develop proposals and solutions. In particular, we showed new successful models of media business, both Italian and European, because we believe that a real change can start from the bottom, thanks to the dynamism and the will powers of the young workers. We would try to show innovative and creative approaches which can save our future!

Martina, Flavia / Napoli

Me and Society

The group with 20 members will be established, out of them 10 deaf-and-dumb youth and 10 GoriUniversity students who will attend master class of photography, with practical photo-taking part on the topic of “Me and Society”. Participants will communicate with each other only in a non-verbal way, in order to make equal conditions for everyone and also to feel how it is to be deaf-and-dumb. In addition all of them will express their feelings and emotions through their photos.

Nona, Teona / Tbilisi


Create a media platform to allow young journalists to break into the working world. Publishing content on the website gives these young people the opportunity to express themselves freely and to be active citizens.

Nikita / Budapest


Goal of Silvertrace is to imagine audio-visual in the future and to begin to put it in practice by seeking to replace the digital gaps. For many years now, films and videos were created in very similar ways. However, a whole load of new technologies are being created that allow us to imagine new ways of filming, modifying and sharing audiovisual creations. At the moment, we are creating web series, 360° videos and soon we hope to dip into virtual reality.

Patrick, Nathalie / Nantes


Create a web radio station, Monza Web Radio, to give a voice to young people who feel that they are players or have something to say and want to express themselves in an original way.

Sara and Francesco / Monza

Around U

Around U is the online magazine of the Dortmunder U  - a centre for arts and creativity - where young people can depict their view and their individual perspectives of culture and their everyday reality also. Around U was founded in order to help young people develop journalistic skills in new media, especially as a blog by the objectives art and culture. In essays and interviews the self organized group of young people covers several topics which are underlined by photos and videos.

Wesley, Diana / Dortmund

Youth Media and social rights

To facilitate access to rights and social services for young African Portuguese speakers in deprived areas of Lisbon and involve them in community activities via a magazine, radio station and blog.

Dynka and Raquel / Lisbon


Relaas is an organization which celebrates the art of storytelling by hosting a monthly storytelling night where performers share their authentic stories. It is a project of Na Ons De Zondvloed, a bunch of friends that intends to create new media art together with young media talents. Relaas wants to engage performers and audience in a shared emotional experience via the art of storytelling and sharing stories online via podcast. Each month, Relaas hosts a storytelling night. The stories told that evening are recorded and turned into a podcast that they share online for free. 

Timon, Dieter / Gand 

Rel TV

We make creative and informative videos. The most important part of our project are local online media. In these media we disseminate short videos made specifically for Internet. It explains cultural and political news as well as association’s events. In the future, if this project could grow, we will show our job to young people with social exclusion risk. They will learn to explain stories and make videos, and their videos will be disseminated in our media. 

Luis, Daniel / Figueres

Bandsalat special prize 2014

Young people between 14 and 30 were asked to participate in a short film competition with a special topic of “International Week against Racism”. The aim of this project (that takes place regularly every two years) is to make young people involved and think about problems such as racism nowadays and how everybody can do something against it. The results were presented to a broader public during an award ceremony.

Zoë, Mato / Saarbrücken

Nabu magazine

Nabū is an original format magazine, printed on quality paper, with funny and quirky content, all made by young people for young people. The magazine about Nantes and its region is edited every three months and is for free. A dozen of volunteers work in writing, visual design and advertising in this magazine. Nabū involves Nantes youth and highlights local dynamism while offering entertaining content. 

Marion, Margaux / Nantes

Radio Jeans Network

Renew the radio media in Europe and the Mediterranean area in order to foster to the circulation of ideas among young people in schools, universities and leisure centers, by organizing trainings (technical and journalistic) and developing international meetings.

Alessandro / Genova

Young Dogs

Young Dogs is a Young Academy for Documentary-Film, addressed to young Europeans interested in journalistic and creative work with film. The heart of this project is the weekly documentary-film-workshop scope, for everybody between the age of 15 and 25. During the workshops the young filmmakers learn how to use the basic divisions of film-work. The workshops invite young people to be curious, to take a look, to listen, to see the world sharper through a camera lens, to work together and keep the independence to go their own way. 

Nina, Kathrin / Dortmund

Europe Dance Way Project

Europe Dance Way Project combines travelling, meetings, creating a video report and developing a website with a database, all around the dance theme. The project objective is to make the information about dance as accessible as possible to amateurs and professionals and to raise awareness about this art to a wider audience. Three girls are travelling across Europe to make interviews of amateurs and professionals in order to make a video report about dance in Europe.

Lola, Maëlys, Jordane / Nantes


Artist MashRoom is a project of a web site, a search engine and a social platform that wants to share knowledge on mobility of artists’ initiatives. The MashRoom system was created by six young Italian people, with the common interest for art and social inclusion. Thanks also to other social and artists’ associations the team understood how difficult and heterogeneous is the cultural and artistic reality in Europe and, then, started to find a way to create a site where this various reality could be agglomerated. The project was born inside a working group, during a Knowledge Management University course.

Simone, Sarah / Turin


A cross-border platform that unites media makers and activists from three countries. Its aim is to give voice to youth and cover the topics often ignored by mainstream media as well as connect people from three neighboring countries (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) to produce content together. By joint work, it is possible to extend one’s network, break stereotypes and create important stories.

Anna / Lviv

Spruce Up Europe

Spruce Up Europe is a project of short documentaries and a website about young people renovating old houses to transform them into the social and cultural spaces. The objective is to gather the data about old house projects, to raise people’s awareness about the patrimony to avoid the destruction of old houses and to show the creative side of youngsters.

Rita, Marine / Crestuma 


The objective of the Glimpses project is to promote the work of musicians, to spread it beyond borders in order to raise awareness of people about the European music scene. The protagonists of this project record videos of acoustic sessions from musicians coming from all over Europe, who create modern music based on a traditional heritage.

 Aymée / Nantes

Youth Forum: ACT, ReACT, ImpACT

The main aim of the Youth Forum is to attract youth aged 18 – 35 to discuss, analyse, reflect and confront the new media representations of migrants and refugees. The participants will analyse the stereotypes applied, identify the hate speech but also discover how to apply positive new media storytelling and how the migrants and refugees turn from an object to a subject of the media representation.

 Shemsedin, Ana / Skopje

Bisturi Active Citizenship

Citizenship 2.0 – In Portugal, the association Bisturi has been developping an online platform on which every european citizen can express or exchange ideas and opinions about daily topical subjects as political issues. Bisturi posts articles and publications online on its blog but it also organizes open discussions in public spaces : as in shops of the French brand Fnac for example. 

Ana Regina, Mafalda / Porto

European Heroes

It is a project that aims to inspire young people and to fight against the european youth’s low level of political engagement : European Heroes provides them on its online platform videos, podcasts and articles with role models and hands-on advices on how to make their voices be heard.

Alin, David / Bucharest


OUT is an audiovisual project which takes place in the Bellevue neighborhood of the city of Nantes. This web-serie aims to diffuse a new image of the district area. It mixes together fiction and reality in a funny way. Inhabitants from the Bellevue area even participated as actors to the shooting of the serie.

Soriba, Mamo, Afed / Nantes


Iammonline is an online platform which diffuses press articles and videos about the main thematic areas : culture, society and actuality. The team is formed by young journalists who target young people audience :Therefore Iammonline is a newspaper « made by young people, for young people ». Iammonline aims to become the new point of reference for all those young people who do not read regularly and who do not know about the many possibilities offered by their city, their nation and the European Union.

Daniele, Gabriele / Parlermo

Nantenne Jeunes

This project aims to create a new space where young people of the city of Nantes could express their ideas and opinions. Nantenne Jeunes organizes radio shows and meetings in order to develop public debates therefore providing ways to develop their thoughts. Nantenne Jeunes aims to sensitize and educate young people to the medias and the information.

Dominik, Diane / Nantes

Europe on Track

Europe on Track is run by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues. 6 ambassadors in 2 teams (one videographer, one photographer and one interviewer) travel by train across Europe in 1 month to deliver workshops and interview young people.

Florina Marieta / Europe

Game design for inclusion

This project develops social games that address social issues such as discrimination, disability or societal taboos. By bringing together people with different educational, cultural, age and mobility backgrounds in the same play space, this project creates an experience between contemporary art and theatre, educational and inclusive that encourages players to reflect and position themselves on current themes.

Elena, Olga / Minsk