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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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In order to enhance urban sustainability the project Cargonomia embraces three different but very complementary activities. The main goal is to promote low-tech, carbon free, urban transport system, to increase the consumption of local organic food and to create an open space for community activities dealing with sustainability. The project’s main actions include cargo-bike transport and rental services, organic food distribution and organization of community events around similar topics through creating a convivial space.

Orsoyla /  Budapest

Ride for your Rights!

The project aims at raising awareness of the importance of mobility of young Europeans and students among members of society and European stakeholders. Young people from all over Europe take their bikes and cycle across European countries. Two pan- European tours have been organised over the last two years, covering 18 countries and involved more than 500 active cyclists and thousands of supporters. The project has gained thel support of the last two Presidents of the European Parliament, the President of Lithuania and Olympic Gold athletes.

Julian, Nikolay / Vienna - Sofia

KM 0,63

Our aim is to create a small aromatic garden (created with recycled box) as a practice of common act of (re)signification of the Public space. The focus of the project is to create a strong connection between residence and specialized people through a talk and different workshops about the community space perception and participation stimulating a critical reflection. Second step will be an upgrade in Padova with the creation of a permanent MULTIETNIC GARDEN (seed from different countries sent by the same resident involved into the project) and with a creative recycling workshop.

Olga, Camilla / Padova - Venice

Bake cyclocultural track

Promote cycling and develop cultural activities in small towns in Slovakia by organising a cycle route between Bratislava and Kosice.

Michal / Bratislava

Bristol Nature Network

Bristol Nature Network responds to the need for a forum that enables the passionate and talented young wildlife enthusiasts in Bristol to join together by providing opportunities for our members to engage with nature, work with the local community and maximise benefits for themselves, the environment and the city.

Jennifer, Madeleine / Bristol

Architecture and re-use

This project focuses on the creation of interdisciplinary workshop-based event that will promote the re-use in the field of architecture, object design and art creation. Know-how, inventiveness and ingenuity are applied for the reflection on the reutilization of the materials issued from the re-use in order to offer habitable or poetic structures. Different materials to be re-used will be gained by a selective collection or they will be brought by the inhabitants.

Thomas, Lilian / Nantes

BioBlitz Student Volonteers

Raise awareness among young people of the environment and address biodiversity and environmental issues. Organisation by 150 young volunteers from Bristol of a major event which they hope to extend to the national level.

Sara and George / Bristol

Precious Plastic Ukraine

Precious Plastic Ukraine - an open workshop for recycling plastic into interior and exterior items. Additionally it is a crowdfunding of plastic where every citizen can donate plastic for the furniture that will be located in the public places. We want the citizens to think that plastic is a precious resource and we want them to bring plastic to our workshop for recycling instead of throwing it away.

Veronika / Odessa

RE-BON, Nantes gleaning network

RE-BON project objective is to act specifically to reduce the food waste and to raise awareness about this topic among citizens. One of the core activities done by the volunteers is the collection of the fruits and vegetables meant to be trashed by the agricultural concerns. This food is further used and redistributed by charity associations. 

Flavie / Rezé

Paint the City, paint it yourself

Paint the City! is a community project to beautify neglected public facilities which are used every day. Since the April 2013 the inhabitants of Bratislava have been using bus-stops decorated by artistic elements. The goal is to bring the joy of the use of those facilities so that they serve their purpose with dignity, and also to encourage citizens themselves to greater solidarity and responsibility for their environment.

Slavomir,  Maros / Bratislava

Unjam the City!

Organizing events to promote cycling in town. Publishing a guide to help young people to set up projects and campaign for the introduction of facilities for cycling.

Joanna and Bartosz / Szczecin

Asociación Social 21

Social 21 is a non-profit organization that adopts a pro active business and local development stance. Our strategy revolves around three main dimensions: social entrepreneurship, local development and Corporate social responsibility. The aim of the project is to create and divulgate new economic development models which are more sustainable.

 Israel, Jesus / Sevilla

Objectif Solutions Alternatives

Production and distribution of a video documentary highlighting new initiatives for a sustainable development in the United States. Educating young people in sustainable development issues.

Pauline and Florian / Nantes

Synaxis Baltica

Create an international network to share experiences based on the concept of community gardens and guerrilla gardening, spread the idea throughout Europe and create a community garden in a district of Potsdam.

Katrin et Antonia / Postdam

Ride a bike to promote your Start-UP

The goal of this project is to promote start-up projects in ecological manner by riding a bike. This is an economic means of transport that preserves natural resources. The project sensitizes new generations to use less the car and ride bicycles for their daily travels. Also create an approach in sports, socializing and living healthier. This would be the best way to inform, encourage youth to get involved in business projects and innovative ideas.

Elisa, Kejsi / Tirana

Student School for Sustainability

A school of sustainable development at the university to raise awareness among young people, facilitate public involvement and develop projects.

Léa / Rijeka

Let’s Do It Greece

This project lies within the idea that all of us, no matter how different, have something to contribute to our communities. Living and working together, getting to know each other, we can promote progress, become active citizens and realize we are not alone in our efforts. The largest concurrent volunteering campaign in Greece, with more than 109.000 volunteers (or 1 % of the population) coming together, in a single day, to clean up and improve their communities across the whole country.

Anastasios, Ioannis / Athens

Sun City 2011

Teaching the youth to affect their own environment and giving the people in the city the possibility to enjoy this creativity. Development of the city environment.

Teresa and Kieram / Helsinki

Malycium Lab’

Malycium Lab’ is a DIY tearoom, a place for exchanges, creativity and discoveries, bio and local products (mainly homemade) with an objective of zero waste. It’s a moving tearoom in a caravan accompanied by its relaxation area in Flex yurt with retro vintage atmosphere and the sweetness of swing music!

Saskia, Camille / Rezé

Revelation site

The idea behind this project is to transform the construction site from a place of disturbance to an area where creativity and exchange can thrive thus creating an observatory of the changes made within this urban laboratory. This revelation will allow us to integrate the future users in the construction process, to encourage their curiosity and to initiate relation between the construction site and the exterior.

Charlotte, Anaïs / Nantes

A fitness trail without a dime

"Rebuilding Curonian fitness trail without spending a dime" : Curonian island is a place of nature in Lithuania, in the list of UNESCO guarded territories that has to be taken care of by people and government. There were four fitness trails in the whole Curonian island built about twenty years ago. Yet only the remains are left now. Local government does not take this into serious consideration of rebuilding and saving the uniqueness of the land. Most of the time their answer is “We do not have money for this”. So… we decided to show them how it can be done without spending a dime!

Andrius, Marija / Klaipeda

Sustainable Development & Western Balkans

The project consists of a road-trip which facilitates the immersion in the target territory, taking the pulse of the advanced Sustainable Development and of the green.project local initiatives, mainly through exchanges with the local concerned actors. The aim is to state, after an initial inventory, what innovation has been made regarding our criteria, and this in a very different context. Nantes being the Green Capital, the group wanted to take the occasion for looking at the Sustainable Development abroad from a new angle.

Maxime / Nantes

Foodsharing Katowice

The project is about creating a place in which everyone can leave some food that they don’t need but it is before the expiry date. In this way the food is prevented from being thrown away, and at the same time people in need can take the food from a special cupboard in the public place (restaurant). Our aim is also to integrate the local community.

Anna, Kamila / Katowice

El Mercado

El Mercado is a community market day to promote sustainable consumption and support young locals, musicians, artists and cooking enthusiasts within the community. The objective is to bring young artists, musicians and community members together to enjoy a communal space while promoting sustainable consumption. 

 Katie, Cristina / Utrecht

Move and build together

It is a project of an international youth camp in Nantes and the Loire-Atlantique department which will allow young people from all around the world to start a project of general interest together and to live a collective experience while developing skills. The goal is to enable mobility, meeting and cultural exchange of young people while educating them to major environmental issues.

Nino, Marine, Léo / Rezé

Marché flottant bio

The idea would be to create a market on barges to allow regional producers to sell all products, fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers, etc, from bio agriculture. Willing to get closer to the Loire and Erdre rivers, Nantes people expressed during a debate their attraction to water and the lack of opportunity to enjoy it. Adjustable project, it could be a turning platform of Nantes local life, communication places around the rivers, a place of use of local money “So Nantes”, exhibition venues, carrying goods by waterway, solar panels on the barges roofs etc. This project is an opportunity for the people of Nantes to find in one place organic and local products while looking at their rivers from a different perspective.

Stanislas / Orvault

Fruta Tinta Feia

FRUTA TINTA FEIA is a research project for cooking recipes and for making natural inks with fruits and vegetables. It is realized in collaboration with a cooperative organization working in the field of fruits and vegetables and it invites consumers to share their recipes and to participate in each stage of the creation of natural inks and silk-screen printing of a book.

Elise / Nantes

La Tricyclerie

The Tricyclerie is a project set up to collect bio-waste by professionals riding cargo-bikes, in order to compost the waste in urban and suburban areas. Through this activity, the aim is to face key issues of the local territory such as recycling of bio-waste in urban areas. It also intends to develop soft mobility as future urban logistic solutions.

Coline / Nantes

Battle: Russian roulette

Battle project mixes all dance styles from electro to contemporary dance through hip hop, everything in an original and crazy concept. In every round except the final round, each group of 3 dancers turns the wheel (wheel of fortune) that will give a restraint to the opposing team. The project is also attached to the ecological issues which is kind of rare in a dance battle. It is mainly visible in the construction of the wheel and the trophies from recycled materials and in asking the participants and dancers to come by public transport or carpooling.

Marion, Alan / Nantes

Bialowieza forest - European natural heritage

 This project leads to cooperation of young generation from Poland and Belarus with regard to preservation of Bialowieza forest (Polish-Belarusian border), which is the oldest natural forest in Europe. It is about expanding awareness of issues concerning the forest, which is made through artistic installation and also about organising workshops to discuss the possibilities of international cooperation (Poland and Belarus) within developing tourism infrastructure.

Olga, Veronika / Warsaw

Faire Uni Saar

Faire Uni Saar is a project concerning student awareness of fair trade and responsible consumption. This project was created in collaboration with academic institutions, civil society and students. Thanks to the project, the university in Saarbrücken, Germany, obtained an award for being the first German university engaged in fair trade in 2014.

Christine, Meike / Saarbrucken

Indoor Nature

A garden in the heart of a building : it is the idea 2 young Russian ladies had in order to raise awareness about nature and environment. The project Indoor Nature promotes the developpement of green zones inside buildings and organizes workshops on gardening.  The idea is to implent gardens inside builidings which can then become new spots where people can share and communicate but also organize opening-parties, holding-lectures … For a break, as for a working meeting, this green space can be used !

Elizaveta, Aleksandra / Moscow


This project aims to create a community of engaged people concerned by the issue of a unsubstainable counsumption. The idea is to highlight small eco-friendly actions of everyday life, through workshops and meetings with local actors. Furthermore, thanks to a mentor system, people who just start would be guided and helped by their experienced colleagues.

Mélanie / Nantes

Volunteering Team of the Agricultural University of Athens

Led by 4 university students from the departement of Crop Science, this project aims to participate in different events related to agriculture and ecology. Volunteering Team of The Agricultural University of Athens is  involved in an annual gathering of oranges in favor of people in need and participate to reforestation operations. This humanitarian project helps also its members to strengthen their bonds and so promotes collaboration between different members of the University (postgraduate, undergraduate, professors..).

Nefeli Kleopatra, Markella / Pireaus

Les Aventuriers de la Transition

Les Aventuriers de la Transition(The Adventurers of Transition) aimto raise public awareness on the ecological transition and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In order to support this transition, they create fun and creative workshops.

 Elena, Clément / Nantes

Small Nantes feet

The aim of Petits pieds Nantais (Small Nantes feet) is to raise awareness, mobilize and share around environmental and societal issues in Nantes, in particular through the co-organization of climate walks, the creation of associations to maintain family farmer agriculture, etc. In this way, it wishes to contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Etienne, Antoine / Nantes


The project raises awareness and expands on the opportunities to promote cycling as a viable, daily public transport mode amongst young people.The project includes training for students and schoolchildren, meetings with decision-makers and street events (cycling march) to promote cycling and road safety.

Neli, Zurabi / Tbilisi

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life encourages organizations and individuals to collect paper scrap and exchange the collected amount for trees that could be planted around the city (participants chose the place themselves). In 2019 the project managed to collect 14,5 tonnes of paper waste and resulted in 290 new trees planted in and around the city.

Anna / Tuymen


The project offers a training based on the 3Rs concept (refuse, reduce, recycle), where participants learn to produce less waste and develop their own projects for their schools, the starting point for a progressive improvement of the environmental situation at the local level.

 Iana, Illia / Saint-Petersburg