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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Bristol Nature Network

Bristol Nature Network responds to the need for a forum that enables the passionate and talented young wildlife enthusiasts in Bristol to join together by providing opportunities for our members to engage with nature, work with the local community and maximise benefits for themselves, the environment and the city.

Jennifer, Madeleine / Bristol

A case of belonging

Exchange intercultural experiences based on an original play expressing the identities of the playwrights, their conception of borders and their native country, and also their memories.

Sinead and Rachel / Bishop Auckland

BioBlitz Student Volonteers

Raise awareness among young people of the environment and address biodiversity and environmental issues. Organisation by 150 young volunteers from Bristol of a major event which they hope to extend to the national level.

Sara and George / Bristol

Taking part workshops

Improvement of the mental health and wellbeing of people suffering from common mental health problems, increasing their access to local services and improving relationships between primary care and the 3rd sector.

Victoria and Mathew / Wallsend

Flintshire Theatre Forum

To involve, consult and engage with Young People within their communities in Flintshire through the medium of drama. The project is particularly aimed at increasing participation and ensuring that the voices of the hard to reach groups and minority ethnic groups are heard, listened to and acted upon. The Youth Forum develops short, thought provoking dramas based on current issues and then gives groups and individuals the opportunity to comment makes changes and offer solutions to the situations/dilemmas depicted in the drama.

Joseph, Kezia / Mold

Byte to Unite

Our project is all about improving the lives of young people in Cardiff. Each year an issue is raised through a national campaign and we work on the top issues voted on in Cardiff. Curriculum for Life has been a top issue for the last 3 years and young people have been working together to create positive change for young people in Cardiff around PSE and Mental health Awareness.

David, Sophie / Cardiff

AEGEE Election Observation

AEGEE  works on the young people’s participation in different elections in Europe in order to expose different dynamics linked to the european young population. They aknowledge the crisis of low youth participation in european elections and want to fill the gap by offering professional orientation for young people interested in this field. Also, this project wants to promote diversity by taking observers coming from different backgrounds and countries. AEGEE wants to raise awareness about the living together and strengthen the bonds between the european youngsters. Furthermore, AEGEE Election Observation is the only election observation project that provides a youth perspective on elections in Europe. Since 2014 AEGEE Election Observation has organised over 20 missions around Europe, training and deploying over 400 young electoral observers.

Zahia, Ben Graham / London

Weaving Stories of Silk

This project promotes intercultural collaboration and exchange of ideas. To do so, Weaving stories of Silk aims to do artistic performances in which the audience can interact. The performances are designed to be immersive in order to give people the opportunity to explore the role of art in their lives. The main purpose of this project is to gather people from different horizons in order to analyse art and diversity.

Ioana, Jessica / Leeds