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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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PERS - Social cafe

PERS is a social cafe from Torun (Poland). This cafe employs now 5 socially excluded people. PERS  main guideline is to give access to employment to individuals with disability and so,  in the same time, to develop the sensitivity of its guests about this issue. Furthermore,thanks to the organization on the spot of cultural and artistic events, PERS promotes the cultural scene of the region.

Nina / Torun


Klepisko is a unique art hub and theatre situated under a thatched roof. It involves youth and very dedicated young graduate professional actors, artists, musicians and film-makers. Project initiated in summer 2015 situated in abandoned barn in a small polish village, gives opportunity to access cultural events and workshops for kids and residents of the surrounding area.

Jan, Paula / Lublin

Unjam the City!

Organizing events to promote cycling in town. Publishing a guide to help young people to set up projects and campaign for the introduction of facilities for cycling.

Joanna and Bartosz / Szczecin

A map of precious memories

The idea of this project, realised in 2012, was to combine two concepts: collecting of inhabitants’ memories and promotion of the Warsaw district Ursus, in order to raise awareness about the history this quarter has to offer and also to strengthen the sense of local identity that the new inhabitants often lack. To connect the new with the old, the stories collected were hidden and possible to be found by the means of geocaching internet platform.

Magdalena / Warsaw

Music Career Path

The "Music Career Path" is a project for young talented artists and musicians who don’t have the means to enter Polish or international music scene. The project is based on three main assumptions, which are also determinants of volunteer activities - youth, activity and talent. Besides the music, project also aims at first aid education and drug and alcohol prevention. The whole event culminates with the Jeżowe Rock Festival, where selected participants will perform.

Rafal, Zuzanna / Jezowe

Exchange zone

Supporting international students. The project  involves correlated activities in several spheres: an article consisting of a written in English report of a Polish student who participated in an exchange in a given country; testimony of an Erasmus student currently residing on the exchange in Poland, organizing thematic dance event with the SC Blabel, where one can personally get to know the representatives of a country.

Jacek, Martina / Chelm

Interreligious dialogue for Peace

The project aims to initiate inter-religious dialogue through radio auditions and discussions among young people from various religions. It was initiated by two young activists from Poland and Switzerland and the main objectives are to start inter-religious dialogue, to encourage civic education by getting to know diverse religions, to fight discrimination and to exchange good practices.  

Andreas / Warszaw

Foodsharing Katowice

The project is about creating a place in which everyone can leave some food that they don’t need but it is before the expiry date. In this way the food is prevented from being thrown away, and at the same time people in need can take the food from a special cupboard in the public place (restaurant). Our aim is also to integrate the local community.

Anna, Kamila / Katowice

Bialowieza forest - European natural heritage

 This project leads to cooperation of young generation from Poland and Belarus with regard to preservation of Bialowieza forest (Polish-Belarusian border), which is the oldest natural forest in Europe. It is about expanding awareness of issues concerning the forest, which is made through artistic installation and also about organising workshops to discuss the possibilities of international cooperation (Poland and Belarus) within developing tourism infrastructure.

Olga, Veronika / Warsaw


Open Café is an interactive two-hour workshop aimed to promote an open and inclusive society. It’s an opportunity for youth, for locals and internationals to meet, get to know each other, practice English and learn new things. Since May 2019, Open Cafe is now being held in 5 countries in Europe.

Yaryna, Michal / Rzeszow