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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Tranzit 2030 produces a series of portraits and interviews of pro-European figures in Romanian civil society who represent a through their profession and civic engagement, represent a model of good practice in the European context.

Bernadeta, Alexander-Grig / Giurgiu

Refugees Welcome Romania

Refugees Welcome Romania project aims to connect asylum seekers and refugees with hosts who are willing to provide their spare rooms as accommodation or in any way help the people in need. The purpose of the project is to provide a housing solution for asylum seekers and refugees and at the same time promote cultural exchange between households and the asylum seeker/refugee community.

Bianca Nicole, Alexandru / Bucharest

Microvolunteering Consultancy Service

"Free Microvolunteering Consultancy Service targeting non profits": To learn more about the benefits of microvolunteering. The consultancy service is free and open to all interested charities. The consultancy process involves providing personalized advice to charities who want to create microvolunteering tasks, recruit or coordinate microvolunteers and/or improve their existing microvolunteering projects. 

Luciana / Bucharest

My first job. How to apply?

"My first job. When, where and how to apply!" : The theme of our project is increasing the access of young people on labour market. We organize different activities: workshops from how to communicate with people near us till how to communicate with future employers and which is the behaviour that bring us success; interactive debates and round tables, training sessions about how to use different tools: Europass CV, intention letter, etc.

 Ionela, Eduard / Pitesti

Collective Art Neighbourhood

The CAN is an independent project reuniting two complementary approaches: “The CAN InResidence” and “The CAN OpenHouse”. The project promotes young artists from Romania and from abroad and its objective is to create a non-restrictive space for young artists and start-ups, to help them to create their projects, as well as to create a cultural network rooted in Romania. 

Anna / Cracow

European Heroes

It is a project that aims to inspire young people and to fight against the european youth’s low level of political engagement : European Heroes provides them on its online platform videos, podcasts and articles with role models and hands-on advices on how to make their voices be heard.

Alin, David / Bucharest