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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Against Discrimination and Hate Speech

"Together against Discrimination, Nationalism and Hate Speech" : The project effects on the reality of human right violations and empowers students with the skills and knowledge needed for acting against discrimination, nationalism and hate speech. It is based on peer to peer approach and enables school students to become multipliers and to promote combating human right violations in their schools, which guarantees long term impact and follow up of the project. 

Gubaz, Sulkhan / Tbilisi

Me and Society

The group with 20 members will be established, out of them 10 deaf-and-dumb youth and 10 GoriUniversity students who will attend master class of photography, with practical photo-taking part on the topic of “Me and Society”. Participants will communicate with each other only in a non-verbal way, in order to make equal conditions for everyone and also to feel how it is to be deaf-and-dumb. In addition all of them will express their feelings and emotions through their photos.

Nona, Teona / Tbilisi

Equal opportunities for men and women

Identification of the problems of gender inequality within Georgia and an information campaign according to the results of the research, identification of the role of globalization as it pertains to gender equality.

Tamari and Tamar / Tbilissi

Art Stations

The project aims to support internally displaced people, especially youngsters, and give them a chance to express themselves through visual art. We organize ART visits to internally displaced people camps, offer free workshops, bring results, show the problems and get people involved. We see ART as the best way of self expression, starting point to talk about the problems, ideas, starting point for dialogue and integration.

Davit, Teona / Tbilisi


Showing people that they should first think about their own space "where everything is changing without them".

Konstantine and Teimuraz / Tbilissi

Walking Encyclopedia

Walking Encyclopedia is a social project aimed at raising the level of education amongst the citizens by implementing an alternative educational method: people are given the chance to place their offer (via webpage) by stating what kind of knowledge/skill they are willing to teach and what kind of knowledge/skill they expect to acquire in return.

Nikoloz, Taso Gvantsa / Tbilisi

Adjara multicultural history

The idea of this project is to contribute to the preservation of intangible cultural heritage in the region of Adjara, Georgia, by encouraging young people to create family trees. Encouraging them to be interested in their family stories, to talk to their parents, to discover authentic traditions and forgotten folklore, the project aims to promote integration and social cohesion in the region.

Liubov / Kobuleti

Be a Volunteer of Your City

The aim of the project is to foster active citizenship among young people in Tbilisi and to help inactive young people to develop their leadership qualities, so that they would be able to take an active part in their youth lives, not only as participants but also as a creators of their own projects. This program has two general parts; firstly organising trainings for participants about fundraising and lobbying and secondly creating and implementing 4 micro projects in different parts of Tbilisi, named: “Moving Library”, “Paint Your City”, “Camera in Action”, “Green Bus for Tbilisi”.

Rusudan, Natia / Tbilisi

One Caucasus Festival

This project aims to create an interdisciplinary festival that would build safe spaces for meetings of young people from Caucasus region and beyond. It takes place in a small village called Tseravki, at the border of various caucasus countries. One Caucasus Festival would promote the living-together but also create a platform to encourage talents to collaborate and create their own projects. By promoting collaboration without borders, this festival aims to pacifically fight against war in this region that is still concerned by various conflicts. The festival would bring around people from different fields (music, architecture...) in order to promote unity in this region.

Salome, Irakli / Tbilisi


The project raises awareness and expands on the opportunities to promote cycling as a viable, daily public transport mode amongst young people.The project includes training for students and schoolchildren, meetings with decision-makers and street events (cycling march) to promote cycling and road safety.

Neli, Zurabi / Tbilisi