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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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KM 0,63

Our aim is to create a small aromatic garden (created with recycled box) as a practice of common act of (re)signification of the Public space. The focus of the project is to create a strong connection between residence and specialized people through a talk and different workshops about the community space perception and participation stimulating a critical reflection. Second step will be an upgrade in Padova with the creation of a permanent MULTIETNIC GARDEN (seed from different countries sent by the same resident involved into the project) and with a creative recycling workshop.

Olga, Camilla / Padova - Venice

Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time

"Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time" is a project that aims at using knitting as an activity to spend time together and create a final collective design project. The objective would be to set a group of knitters through an open call. After learning the basic knitting techniques, three designers from different cities will be invited to co-design the final project with the knitters.

Angela, Lucia / Naples

Radicalisation LookOut !

The Radicalisation LookOut! builds around an observatory on the Far-Right and populism and the production of information campaigns targeted at the European youth aged between 14 and 25. The project aims to inform on the threats these parties and movements represent for Europe, directly to youth, in and out of learning environment. Information shall create a virtuous circle of involvement and activism, thus defeating the culture of ignorance and fear on which populism thrives on.

Sebastiano, Francesca / Pavia

Youth Media Days 2013

The second edition of the Festival analyzes deeper the problems and issues faced every day by the young Italian journalists, trying to develop proposals and solutions. In particular, we showed new successful models of media business, both Italian and European, because we believe that a real change can start from the bottom, thanks to the dynamism and the will powers of the young workers. We would try to show innovative and creative approaches which can save our future!

Martina, Flavia / Napoli


Create a web radio station, Monza Web Radio, to give a voice to young people who feel that they are players or have something to say and want to express themselves in an original way.

Sara and Francesco / Monza


Fairbnb is a collaborative Peer2Peer accommodation platform that lets anyone list their apartment/room for short periods while contributing to the wellbeing of the city. Rentals, guests, hosts and neighbors could collectively decide together with municipalities how to make the rental process fairer, more sustainable and rewarding for the whole community. Profits would be invested back into the communities where the platform operates.

Damiano, Vincent / Rome

Centro TAU

The project is developed in the neighbourhood of Palermo Zisa, an "urban periphery", it provides social, cultural and artistic activities, media education, made through workshops, initiatives and events; the activation and consolidation of processes of promotion of young, local development of European Citizenship and youth leadership.

Carmela, Daniela / Palermo


Promoting and supporting youth mobility (Europe and International), social integration of youngsters children and youth with disabilities through the organization of activities and the involvement of young volunteers in local associations.

Shqiponja / Altamura

Radio Jeans Network

Renew the radio media in Europe and the Mediterranean area in order to foster to the circulation of ideas among young people in schools, universities and leisure centers, by organizing trainings (technical and journalistic) and developing international meetings.

Alessandro / Genova


Artist MashRoom is a project of a web site, a search engine and a social platform that wants to share knowledge on mobility of artists’ initiatives. The MashRoom system was created by six young Italian people, with the common interest for art and social inclusion. Thanks also to other social and artists’ associations the team understood how difficult and heterogeneous is the cultural and artistic reality in Europe and, then, started to find a way to create a site where this various reality could be agglomerated. The project was born inside a working group, during a Knowledge Management University course.

Simone, Sarah / Turin


Fragmenta is a dance installation initiated by Nicolas Vamvouklis that investigates the configuration of the city landscape and the porosity of the human body. It aims to map the urban territory, bringing together in the heart of the city its residents (without age, gender or performing experience limitations). Symbolically charged public spaces are re-visited and dynamically lived anew through observation, interaction and spontaneous movement.

Nicolas, Olga / Milan


Iammonline is an online platform which diffuses press articles and videos about the main thematic areas : culture, society and actuality. The team is formed by young journalists who target young people audience :Therefore Iammonline is a newspaper « made by young people, for young people ». Iammonline aims to become the new point of reference for all those young people who do not read regularly and who do not know about the many possibilities offered by their city, their nation and the European Union.

Daniele, Gabriele / Parlermo

Theatre On The Road

This project aims to raise awarness about solidarity and environment thanks to theatre. It revalorizes structures, parks, squares, streets, in brief places which are closed or decaying and use them. Based in Italy in the city of Sorevato, Theatre On The Road develops international actions. As an example, it already went to Vietnam and organized workshops about the subject of LGBT in schools.

Carla, Alessandro / Soverato

BOREMPO - Bordeless Embodied Politics

BOREMPO aims at boosting political imagination and making political participation accessible to the inhabitants of the city overcoming the dichotomy of citizen’s/non citizen’s. In order to do so, the team wishes to create a social carnival, a moment in which political issues and debates are taken collectively to the streets of the city,recentering the public agora using arts and periodical meetings.

Chiara, Irene / Turin

Identità sconfinate

Identita sconfinate is a project led by students who wish to build a network of partners driven by the same solidarity and intercultural dynamics around the migration issue. To counter the racist arguments of some policies, the collective raises funds to buy DNA tests for different ministers to prove in a scientific and offbeat way that racial difference is non-existent.

Rosa Maria, Gaetano / Padergnone

KNOW YOUR REFUGEES! - La città ti apre le porte

Know Your Refugees! offers the opportunity for Bologna residents to discover all the existing organisations and services that help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, through a giant treasure hunt.

Cristina, Nicholas / Bologna