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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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UBUNTU raises public awareness around the practice of the Female Genital Cutting, its consequences and breaks taboos on the female sex. Through various communication tools, such as its travelling exhibition "Excision, mutilated women", the UBUNTU team works in youth spaces, schools and hospital groups to raise awareness and promote prevention around this subject.

Let’s touch ourselves (Si On Se Touchait )

Si On Se Touchait (Let’s touch ourselves) is a breast cancer prevention organization that is positioned upstream of the usual screening tests (screening tests organized already for 50 years), simply based on touching and feeling ourselves. The objective is to encourage women but also men to become aware that prevention should become a gesture of daily life.

Pauline, Solena / Nantes


CookforCouch brings an option for travellers seeking a place abroad to stay with local hosts. The deal is that the traveller buy the ingredients, prepare a traditional meal from their home country and share the recipe with the host as an expression of thanks for the hospitality. We are focused on the people who seek an authentic experience shared with others from around the world to share a meal and interesting conversation around a table: from poor students and adventure-seekers who want to immerse in local culture, to those who are maybe unable to travel and who are willing to open their homes and kitchens as hosts.

Jérémie / Nantes


Benenova cooperates with local associations in order to prepare short and specific voluntary projects with strong social impact that focus on making the sympathy engagement for all easier. Every citizen, regardless of age or minimal contribution can engage in realization of those projects by sacrificing just a few hours from time to time. 

Laurent / Nantes


The Nizanerie

The project consists in revealing a place, the Paul Nizan Street, and getting the residents involved in the transformation of their neighbourhood. It offers the residents an opportunity to meet and to have solidarity initiatives on a large scale of the common space (public space, vacant ground floor…). The project brings together the authors of the city, whether they are residents or institutions. It plays the role of a mediator and negotiator between those who live in the city and those who make the decisions, in a neighbourhood in the middle of an urban transformation.

Maud, Anne-Lise / Nantes

USE-IT Nantes

USE-IT Nantes is a useful alternative tourism map, it is for free and without advertising, in English, made for young travellers, by locals. Its main objective is to share a selection of cool and unusual places: the sights, bars, places to go out and many other treasures which can be found in Nantes. Thanks to this project Nantes can join a European network of Use-it maps.

 Louis, Ismaël, Lisa / Nantes

Poupi Le Nuage

Mix between a speechbubble and a cloud, Poupi Le Nuage is meant to create social cohesion. It incites people to go meet everyone. Poupi likes to travel all over the world and make lots of friend. You can express yourself through it, strike a pose and get an original picture. But it would have been difficult if there was only one Poupi. That’s why it got cloned. Now, everyone can adopt his Poupi to set off on an adventure to the four corners of the world... while travelling as well as during the daily life. 

Tristan, Adeline / Nantes

Danza Nantes

Danza Nantes is a free dance festival that brings together academic and urban dances in the form of workshops and shows. The objective is to allow access to the art of dance as well as provide an open mind on different styles. It’s a moment when young actors from the city of Nantes but also from elsewhere meet and create together.

Louise, Léa / Nantes

Architecture and re-use

This project focuses on the creation of interdisciplinary workshop-based event that will promote the re-use in the field of architecture, object design and art creation. Know-how, inventiveness and ingenuity are applied for the reflection on the reutilization of the materials issued from the re-use in order to offer habitable or poetic structures. Different materials to be re-used will be gained by a selective collection or they will be brought by the inhabitants.

Thomas, Lilian / Nantes


Young people from the KOUAKILARIV’ association teach other youngsters to use a professional camera. They help them to frame their shots, select images and prepare their own exhibition.

Antsa / Nantes


This educational and social project targets the exchange and promotion of different cultures of the urban hip-hop dance style. During an international forum in Nantes, several European dance groups should gather in order to strengthen the passion of hip-hop dancing the young French people have, as well as to familiarize the broader public with this urban culture by the means of shows, schools of dance, workshops and others.

Esthelle, Nathan, Sabrina / Nantes

RE-BON, Nantes gleaning network

RE-BON project objective is to act specifically to reduce the food waste and to raise awareness about this topic among citizens. One of the core activities done by the volunteers is the collection of the fruits and vegetables meant to be trashed by the agricultural concerns. This food is further used and redistributed by charity associations. 

Flavie / Rezé

Everybody loves French accents

This project will create a place of communication where young people from France will have the opportunity to practice English while discussing with each other or with the volunteers around the interactive installation that will further integrate the visitors of the site. The main objective is to encourage French people to speak English and to allow them to open themselves to the world.

Tiphaine / Nantes

Objectif Solutions Alternatives

Production and distribution of a video documentary highlighting new initiatives for a sustainable development in the United States. Educating young people in sustainable development issues.

Pauline and Florian / Nantes

Breaking tour

BREAKING TOUR is a project that supposes a creation of a mobile studio that would make a tour of Europe in order to meet the activists of different urban cultures. The main idea is to highlight the groups, communities of artists, associations and others, thus creating dynamic of exchange among the European youth through the common activities such as music recordings, radio broadcasts, reports and so on.

Antoine, David / Nantes


Goal of Silvertrace is to imagine audio-visual in the future and to begin to put it in practice by seeking to replace the digital gaps. For many years now, films and videos were created in very similar ways. However, a whole load of new technologies are being created that allow us to imagine new ways of filming, modifying and sharing audiovisual creations. At the moment, we are creating web series, 360° videos and soon we hope to dip into virtual reality.

Patrick, Nathalie / Nantes

News from Saarbrücken

The project offers to young people from Saarbrücken and Nantes the possibility to discover similarities and specificities of those two twin cities by the means of youth exchange or workshops led by young people that will focus on the mobility in Europe, the initiatives and the involvement of the youth and the place of interculturality in the European context.

Linda, Emaleu, Sandrine / Nantes

Globeconteur - Living stories of territories

The objective of Globeconteur is to collect and share local stories and lyrics gathered from volunteers inhabitants, mainly from the elderly. The project is based on the involvement of citizens, territories and the creation of an internet platform. It invites to share values of solidarity, memory and peace among different generations and cultures.

Vincent, Leslie / Nantes

Malycium Lab’

Malycium Lab’ is a DIY tearoom, a place for exchanges, creativity and discoveries, bio and local products (mainly homemade) with an objective of zero waste. It’s a moving tearoom in a caravan accompanied by its relaxation area in Flex yurt with retro vintage atmosphere and the sweetness of swing music!

Saskia, Camille / Rezé

A couple of thieves

A couple of thieves is a show inspired by a silent movie, of a mime and a clown. The goal consists in bringing together an audience that is both valid and invalid, of different nationalities, of contrasting social situations… to exchange and to share with the silent and its universal language: the body. “Forgetting our differences to share a moment together”.

Alexandre, Lukas, Vanessa / Nantes

Revelation site

The idea behind this project is to transform the construction site from a place of disturbance to an area where creativity and exchange can thrive thus creating an observatory of the changes made within this urban laboratory. This revelation will allow us to integrate the future users in the construction process, to encourage their curiosity and to initiate relation between the construction site and the exterior.

Charlotte, Anaïs / Nantes

Festival "l'Ere de rien"

The banks of the river Sèvre in Rezé (close to Nantes) host the free spring festival "l’Ere de rien" that brings together not only the local creative initiatives but also the young emerging groups of the international pop and rock scene, mostly from the whole Europe. Ambition is simple – leave the beaten paths and offer an original festival full of flawless programme and open and casual atmosphere. It is a week-end of discoveries and exchange.

Nathan / Rezé


LOOK @ U is a project of photography workshops realized in 2012. 18 young people from 4 countries took part in it with the help of local associations. Everyone choose a report topic concerning his environment about which he expressed a point of view in images. Afterwards, a portrait photo of every participant in his daily life was taken. 

Solène - Nantes

No Limit

The project was created in order to make art and culture accessible and affordable to EVERYONE! It brings intergenerational sharing of art and culture among all; children, youth, elderly and also people with disabilities. No Limit creates projects concerning body and danced movement by propagation, creation and production of events.

Oriane, Laissa / Nantes

Exchange from Nantes to Sevilla

"From Nantes to Sevilla, meetings, artistic exchange and intercultural action" : The main points of the project are: the common creation mixing the theatre and music and the French language with the Spanish language; the co-animation of workshops with children, the youth and adults from schools; the realization of a forum about the social intervention made by art.

Laura / Nantes

Nabu magazine

Nabū is an original format magazine, printed on quality paper, with funny and quirky content, all made by young people for young people. The magazine about Nantes and its region is edited every three months and is for free. A dozen of volunteers work in writing, visual design and advertising in this magazine. Nabū involves Nantes youth and highlights local dynamism while offering entertaining content. 

Marion, Margaux / Nantes

Sustainable Development & Western Balkans

The project consists of a road-trip which facilitates the immersion in the target territory, taking the pulse of the advanced Sustainable Development and of the green.project local initiatives, mainly through exchanges with the local concerned actors. The aim is to state, after an initial inventory, what innovation has been made regarding our criteria, and this in a very different context. Nantes being the Green Capital, the group wanted to take the occasion for looking at the Sustainable Development abroad from a new angle.

Maxime / Nantes

Zines of the Zone

ZINES OF THE ZONE is a european library specialized in self-edited photograph books (or photozine). It not only shows the images, as it also uses the book as an experimentation field. These strange objects, produced in most of the cases on a low cost basis and limited in the number of copies, draws always the attention of collectors. Victims of their success, they get quickly out of stock and inaccessible. We want to make these objects visible, permanent and to be freely consulted.

Julie, Guillaume  / Nantes


The project aims to raise awareness about the "caregivers": persons who help regularly and voluntarily at home one or more of their ageing relatives for health reasons. Cyclosocial consisted in collecting testimonies of "caregivers" and presenting them on a cycling exhibition in 23 different places in one month. 

Valérie, Elodie / Nantes

Europe Dance Way Project

Europe Dance Way Project combines travelling, meetings, creating a video report and developing a website with a database, all around the dance theme. The project objective is to make the information about dance as accessible as possible to amateurs and professionals and to raise awareness about this art to a wider audience. Three girls are travelling across Europe to make interviews of amateurs and professionals in order to make a video report about dance in Europe.

Lola, Maëlys, Jordane / Nantes

Room à la Rom

This project encourages exchanges, dialogues, meetings and reunions about the Roms culture during an artistic, entrepreneurial, radiophonic and participatory event. We organise an evening Room à la Rom: which gathers the French and Roms culture in the center of attention in a curious interaction (room, space and time) to make them accessible through art and friendliness.

Marlène / Nantes

Move and build together

It is a project of an international youth camp in Nantes and the Loire-Atlantique department which will allow young people from all around the world to start a project of general interest together and to live a collective experience while developing skills. The goal is to enable mobility, meeting and cultural exchange of young people while educating them to major environmental issues.

Nino, Marine, Léo / Rezé

De pas à pattes

The project Pas à pattes aims to bring together children with social or family difficulties and shelter animals. The goal is to change their relationships with others and allow them to recover their self-confidence. Among the main actions of this project: workshops to the shelter where the children presented the animals to the public; making pictures of animals, etc.

Maude / Nantes


Intercultur’aide is an association that helps to assist unaccompanied foreign minors living in the Nantes region. We work together with non-governmental organisations based in Nantes and we organise school support workshops and trips for them every weekend.

Lisa, Pauline / Nantes

Marché flottant bio

The idea would be to create a market on barges to allow regional producers to sell all products, fruits, vegetables, seeds, flowers, etc, from bio agriculture. Willing to get closer to the Loire and Erdre rivers, Nantes people expressed during a debate their attraction to water and the lack of opportunity to enjoy it. Adjustable project, it could be a turning platform of Nantes local life, communication places around the rivers, a place of use of local money “So Nantes”, exhibition venues, carrying goods by waterway, solar panels on the barges roofs etc. This project is an opportunity for the people of Nantes to find in one place organic and local products while looking at their rivers from a different perspective.

Stanislas / Orvault

Facing the world

Facing the world is a Franco-Georgian group of young actors and dancers working on the "Growing Up" theme. This project offers young people to come together around a theme that fits their current situation and let them question the contemporary context of their emancipation, verbalize their fears, their perspectives, their hopes, through the artistic medium. It emphasises different kind of profiles and encourages the expression of various points of view.

Aurélie & Lucie / Nantes 

Fruta Tinta Feia

FRUTA TINTA FEIA is a research project for cooking recipes and for making natural inks with fruits and vegetables. It is realized in collaboration with a cooperative organization working in the field of fruits and vegetables and it invites consumers to share their recipes and to participate in each stage of the creation of natural inks and silk-screen printing of a book.

Elise / Nantes

La Tricyclerie

The Tricyclerie is a project set up to collect bio-waste by professionals riding cargo-bikes, in order to compost the waste in urban and suburban areas. Through this activity, the aim is to face key issues of the local territory such as recycling of bio-waste in urban areas. It also intends to develop soft mobility as future urban logistic solutions.

Coline / Nantes

Paillettes & Chocolat

Paillettes & Chocolat (Glitters & Chocolate) is a creative, participatory and itinerant workshop which aims at developing the “extra in ordinary life”. It concerns visual arts, theater, crafts, sharing of knowledge, sewing, gardening etc. The target group are residents from 7 to 77 years. The main idea is to create an area for real art expression of all inhabitants.

Clémence, Hermès / Nantes


The objective of the Glimpses project is to promote the work of musicians, to spread it beyond borders in order to raise awareness of people about the European music scene. The protagonists of this project record videos of acoustic sessions from musicians coming from all over Europe, who create modern music based on a traditional heritage.

 Aymée / Nantes


L’affiche (The Poster) is a dynamic artistic project offering renting and selling of artworks. This concept brings an artistic renewal, while supporting the creators and valuing the crafts. Photographs, paintings, sculptures, designer objects can be used to brighten up events or temporary spaces.

Sabrina, Simon / Nantes

Draw me an adventure !

Dessine-moi une aventure (Draw me an adventure) is a unique personal and evolving project, created by a young artist and traveller. The aim is to confront various themes: travel, art, music and creation of social links among people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Elodie / Nantes

Battle: Russian roulette

Battle project mixes all dance styles from electro to contemporary dance through hip hop, everything in an original and crazy concept. In every round except the final round, each group of 3 dancers turns the wheel (wheel of fortune) that will give a restraint to the opposing team. The project is also attached to the ecological issues which is kind of rare in a dance battle. It is mainly visible in the construction of the wheel and the trophies from recycled materials and in asking the participants and dancers to come by public transport or carpooling.

Marion, Alan / Nantes

Galerie fontaine

La Galerie fontaine, a mobile, flexible and scalable exhibition space, is a way for student artists to develop their artistic practices and define collective approach. The main objective is to create a network of emerging artists, develop a space for exchange, organize exhibitions, create partnerships etc.

Michael, Alexandra / Nantes

Expressions Nomades

La Caravane (The Caravan) is both a mobile studio and an art library of impressions and collaborative editions. General goal of this project is to encourage sharing activities and experience around the issue of multiple and publishing. The heart of the project is facilitation of linocut workshops. The association also creates a collection of art library by adding its own productions and by organizing interactive workshops with other artists in order to produce collaborative editions (fanzines, linked books, etc.).

Alexandra, Pauline / Nantes

Concerts with "K" ("Concerts en K")

The idea of this project is to reunite people from the same district of the city of Nantes during their lunch break by listening to free music , with local artists around noon .

Sarah, Aline / Nantes

I Will Go Dancing On Your Walls ("J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs")

J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs organizes artistic performances in public areas in the city of Nantes. It uses dancing, music playing and mapping (light projections on walls). This project wants its members as the audience attending to these performances, to reflect on the concept of Human being and his relation to the walls around him : the walls in the city, at the borders, inside walls … This thinking artistic project also allows professionalization to its members ; in fact, J’irai Danser Sur Vos Murs brings hobbyists as professionals artists together. And through mapping, the city and its historical monuments become new material and means of expression.

Agnès, Blandine, Pierre-Arnaud / Nantes


This project aims to create a community of engaged people concerned by the issue of a unsubstainable counsumption. The idea is to highlight small eco-friendly actions of everyday life, through workshops and meetings with local actors. Furthermore, thanks to a mentor system, people who just start would be guided and helped by their experienced colleagues.

Mélanie / Nantes

School Out of Walls (Ecole Hors Les Murs)

Ecole Hors les Murs helps young people who have been out of school keep getting access to education. Thanks to volunteer teachers, Ecole Hors les Murs provides them lessons and workshops so that they continue to learn and to be accompanied. Leb by the Action Jeunesse Scolarisation Association, this project mainly deals with under-age children and young adults between 14 and 21 years old who are not assumed by the National Welfare Service.

Liza / Nantes

Trapped ("Enfermées")

This project brings to the fore the situation of incarcerated women in France and the differences of treatment between men and women in jail. Enfermées proposes to think about this issue through 3 events : a public radio program show, a dance performence which illustrates the situation of imprisonment and a theatrical conference by the theatrical company « Mauvaise Filles ».

Alice, Clémentine / Nantes


OUT is an audiovisual project which takes place in the Bellevue neighborhood of the city of Nantes. This web-serie aims to diffuse a new image of the district area. It mixes together fiction and reality in a funny way. Inhabitants from the Bellevue area even participated as actors to the shooting of the serie.

Soriba, Mamo, Afed / Nantes

Nantenne Jeunes

This project aims to create a new space where young people of the city of Nantes could express their ideas and opinions. Nantenne Jeunes organizes radio shows and meetings in order to develop public debates therefore providing ways to develop their thoughts. Nantenne Jeunes aims to sensitize and educate young people to the medias and the information.

Dominik, Diane / Nantes


COJOB is an association from Nantes. It promotes the idea of a collective job research : job seekers are put in touch with other unemployed people so that they can share tools, methods, tips or contacts therefore getting benefits from it while helping the others. COJOB also helps job seekers to overcome the transition period.

Matthieu, Agathe, Elodie, Nicolas / Nantes

Les Aventuriers de la Transition

Les Aventuriers de la Transition(The Adventurers of Transition) aimto raise public awareness on the ecological transition and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In order to support this transition, they create fun and creative workshops.

 Elena, Clément / Nantes

Label Ville

 Label ville offers an artistic and cultural journey through various workshops and meetings that allows the different artists involved to reappropriate the city and meet audiences who do not always have access to art and culture.

 Mathieu, Romain / Nantes

Rendre Visible L'Invisible

Rendre visible l’Invisible (Make visible the invisible) addresses the theme of confinement through dance and speech. The project brings together dancers from a variety of backgrounds, and promotes the mixing of cultures and styles in a choreographic performance.

Victoire, Edith / Nantes

The Right to Exist

Le Droit d’Exister (The Right to Exist) is an artistic initiative developed with the “Compagnie Mirifique”. It wishes to share the daily stories of each person and thus engage in dialogue on taboo, intimate and sensitive subjects. Through this performance, Le Droit d’Exister testifies to the need to express oneself and to exchange ideas in order to move forward.

Anne-Claire, Laramie, Louise / Nantes

Recto Verso

Recto-Verso is the result of an encounter between a musician and a dancer who share their experiences and universe. Together, they create a choreography, live music that immerse the audience in a singular and interactive performance.

Valentin / Nantes

Ordinary photo exhibition

The VESKI association wishes to give a voice to those who no longer have it through an artistic and creative approach. The goal of the Expo Photo Ordinaire (Ordinary photo exhibition) project is to support homeless people in their creation of photographic content and their dissemination on a local scale.

Jérémy, Thomas / Nantes

The Phoenix Game

Le Jeu du Phoenix (The Phoenix game) brings together a dozen dancers of all ages and backgrounds around choreographic videos featuring both the dances of the worlds and emblematic and/or unknown places in the city of Nantes. The project promotes multiculturalism and urban dance.

Ambrine, Monamey / Nantes

Small Nantes feet

The aim of Petits pieds Nantais (Small Nantes feet) is to raise awareness, mobilize and share around environmental and societal issues in Nantes, in particular through the co-organization of climate walks, the creation of associations to maintain family farmer agriculture, etc. In this way, it wishes to contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Etienne, Antoine / Nantes