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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Tranzit 2030 produces a series of portraits and interviews of pro-European figures in Romanian civil society who represent a through their profession and civic engagement, represent a model of good practice in the European context.

Bernadeta, Alexander-Grig / Giurgiu


UBUNTU raises public awareness around the practice of the Female Genital Cutting, its consequences and breaks taboos on the female sex. Through various communication tools, such as its travelling exhibition "Excision, mutilated women", the UBUNTU team works in youth spaces, schools and hospital groups to raise awareness and promote prevention around this subject.


New Regions works with vulnerable groups in the city of Mogilev, in particular with LGBTQ+ people. They work in the « most homophobic city of one of the most homophobic countries in Europe ».

Alina, Konstanstin / Mogilev

Les Aventuriers de la Transition

Les Aventuriers de la Transition(The Adventurers of Transition) aimto raise public awareness on the ecological transition and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. In order to support this transition, they create fun and creative workshops.

 Elena, Clément / Nantes

Label Ville

 Label ville offers an artistic and cultural journey through various workshops and meetings that allows the different artists involved to reappropriate the city and meet audiences who do not always have access to art and culture.

 Mathieu, Romain / Nantes

Rendre Visible L'Invisible

Rendre visible l’Invisible (Make visible the invisible) addresses the theme of confinement through dance and speech. The project brings together dancers from a variety of backgrounds, and promotes the mixing of cultures and styles in a choreographic performance.

Victoire, Edith / Nantes

The Right to Exist

Le Droit d’Exister (The Right to Exist) is an artistic initiative developed with the “Compagnie Mirifique”. It wishes to share the daily stories of each person and thus engage in dialogue on taboo, intimate and sensitive subjects. Through this performance, Le Droit d’Exister testifies to the need to express oneself and to exchange ideas in order to move forward.

Anne-Claire, Laramie, Louise / Nantes

Recto Verso

Recto-Verso is the result of an encounter between a musician and a dancer who share their experiences and universe. Together, they create a choreography, live music that immerse the audience in a singular and interactive performance.

Valentin / Nantes

Ordinary photo exhibition

The VESKI association wishes to give a voice to those who no longer have it through an artistic and creative approach. The goal of the Expo Photo Ordinaire (Ordinary photo exhibition) project is to support homeless people in their creation of photographic content and their dissemination on a local scale.

Jérémy, Thomas / Nantes

The Phoenix Game

Le Jeu du Phoenix (The Phoenix game) brings together a dozen dancers of all ages and backgrounds around choreographic videos featuring both the dances of the worlds and emblematic and/or unknown places in the city of Nantes. The project promotes multiculturalism and urban dance.

Ambrine, Monamey / Nantes

Small Nantes feet

The aim of Petits pieds Nantais (Small Nantes feet) is to raise awareness, mobilize and share around environmental and societal issues in Nantes, in particular through the co-organization of climate walks, the creation of associations to maintain family farmer agriculture, etc. In this way, it wishes to contribute to the protection of the environment and the development of a more sustainable lifestyle.

Etienne, Antoine / Nantes

BOREMPO - Bordeless Embodied Politics

BOREMPO aims at boosting political imagination and making political participation accessible to the inhabitants of the city overcoming the dichotomy of citizen’s/non citizen’s. In order to do so, the team wishes to create a social carnival, a moment in which political issues and debates are taken collectively to the streets of the city,recentering the public agora using arts and periodical meetings.

Chiara, Irene / Turin


Demos uses smart solutions such as new technologies to reinvent democracy systems and to push the transition into new e-democracies. To do so, it wish to create a digital platform (apps & web page) through which citizens can engage directly in local politics and to implement this system in town halls.

Patricia, Diego / Valladolid

Europe on Track

Europe on Track is run by young volunteers who aim to raise awareness, to create a space for discussion and to capture the opinions of youth in Europe on important social issues. 6 ambassadors in 2 teams (one videographer, one photographer and one interviewer) travel by train across Europe in 1 month to deliver workshops and interview young people.

Florina Marieta / Europe

Game design for inclusion

This project develops social games that address social issues such as discrimination, disability or societal taboos. By bringing together people with different educational, cultural, age and mobility backgrounds in the same play space, this project creates an experience between contemporary art and theatre, educational and inclusive that encourages players to reflect and position themselves on current themes.

Elena, Olga / Minsk

Europe Calling

Europe Calling is a podcast born from the encounter between two Europeans who discuss the advantages and disadvantages of European citizenship and their consequences in everyday life. They interview people from Europe and beyond looking at legal aspects vs. reality.

Bettina, Benjamin Joel / Frankfurt

Identità sconfinate

Identita sconfinate is a project led by students who wish to build a network of partners driven by the same solidarity and intercultural dynamics around the migration issue. To counter the racist arguments of some policies, the collective raises funds to buy DNA tests for different ministers to prove in a scientific and offbeat way that racial difference is non-existent.

Rosa Maria, Gaetano / Padergnone

Kids destroying stereotypes!

The project aims to erase boundaries between orphans and children from full-fledged families by uniting them in a 4-day camp with a focus on outdoors activities as well as social interaction. Children will get to know each other through sports, art therapy and group sessions with psychologists.

Daria / Mariia

KNOW YOUR REFUGEES! - La città ti apre le porte

Know Your Refugees! offers the opportunity for Bologna residents to discover all the existing organisations and services that help asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, through a giant treasure hunt.

Cristina, Nicholas / Bologna

Memoirs through murals

Memoirs through Murals is an intergenerational project, working with local schools and the current residents, to capture stories of their town, to then commission and work with national artists to bring these stories to life by creating a number of bespoke art murals spread across the town. From this they will design and print an art trail book, show casing all the stories collected locally.

Cassie / London


Open Café is an interactive two-hour workshop aimed to promote an open and inclusive society. It’s an opportunity for youth, for locals and internationals to meet, get to know each other, practice English and learn new things. Since May 2019, Open Cafe is now being held in 5 countries in Europe.

Yaryna, Michal / Rzeszow



The project raises awareness and expands on the opportunities to promote cycling as a viable, daily public transport mode amongst young people.The project includes training for students and schoolchildren, meetings with decision-makers and street events (cycling march) to promote cycling and road safety.

Neli, Zurabi / Tbilisi

The Circle of Life

The Circle of Life encourages organizations and individuals to collect paper scrap and exchange the collected amount for trees that could be planted around the city (participants chose the place themselves). In 2019 the project managed to collect 14,5 tonnes of paper waste and resulted in 290 new trees planted in and around the city.

Anna / Tuymen

GET IN ! Inclusion of youngsters in community life

The project Get In! supports inclusion of young people from vulnerable groups by creation of community centers in rural areas. The project is initiated by Association of International Volunteering from Moldova in partnership with Arm Active (Armenia), Euro FRC (Poland) and EuroSud (Italy), all of them being NGOs that are working in their countries in order to create opportunities for young people.

Olga, Marina / Chisinau


The project offers a training based on the 3Rs concept (refuse, reduce, recycle), where participants learn to produce less waste and develop their own projects for their schools, the starting point for a progressive improvement of the environmental situation at the local level.

 Iana, Illia / Saint-Petersburg