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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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My Art Deserves A Home

My Art Deserves A Home is a project set up to encourage homeless people in shelters across Dublin to engage with artworkshops, giving them a positive opportunity to socialise with one another, relax and express themselves creatively. The therapeutic nature of these workshops is particularly beneficial to these individuals who are trying to cope up with a very stressful situation.

Anna / Dublin

Danza Nantes

Danza Nantes is a free dance festival that brings together academic and urban dances in the form of workshops and shows. The objective is to allow access to the art of dance as well as provide an open mind on different styles. It’s a moment when young actors from the city of Nantes but also from elsewhere meet and create together.

Louise, Léa / Nantes

Precious Plastic Ukraine

Precious Plastic Ukraine - an open workshop for recycling plastic into interior and exterior items. Additionally it is a crowdfunding of plastic where every citizen can donate plastic for the furniture that will be located in the public places. We want the citizens to think that plastic is a precious resource and we want them to bring plastic to our workshop for recycling instead of throwing it away.

Veronika / Odessa

Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time

"Losing the Threat: Knitting in Time" is a project that aims at using knitting as an activity to spend time together and create a final collective design project. The objective would be to set a group of knitters through an open call. After learning the basic knitting techniques, three designers from different cities will be invited to co-design the final project with the knitters.

Angela, Lucia / Naples

Amigos for children

Amigos is a non-profit initiative helping children suffering from chronic diseases. Our team consists of university students who are eager to make the world a better place. We want to ease the pain and brighten the days of children through learning languages and playing. In addition to learning, the team also provides psychological support for children and parents alike. Moreover, we educate young students on social awareness, so the volunteers also develop social sensitivity.

Kartal, Kim Evelin / Budapest

Role of Art and Culture Entrepreneurship on Social Reflections

The project aims to share the examples which created social benefits in the artistic and cultural field within the frame of social entrepreneurship. This project (first of its kind in Turkey) is developed and organized as a series and creates awareness about living together. It also creates a ‘shared space’ for the people with different backgrounds.

Bilge / Istanbul

Ride a bike to promote your Start-UP

The goal of this project is to promote start-up projects in ecological manner by riding a bike. This is an economic means of transport that preserves natural resources. The project sensitizes new generations to use less the car and ride bicycles for their daily travels. Also create an approach in sports, socializing and living healthier. This would be the best way to inform, encourage youth to get involved in business projects and innovative ideas.

Elisa, Kejsi / Tirana

Refugees Welcome Romania

Refugees Welcome Romania project aims to connect asylum seekers and refugees with hosts who are willing to provide their spare rooms as accommodation or in any way help the people in need. The purpose of the project is to provide a housing solution for asylum seekers and refugees and at the same time promote cultural exchange between households and the asylum seeker/refugee community.

Bianca Nicole, Alexandru / Bucharest

Enter the Void

Enter the Void is a 2-year international project among the cities Berlin, Amsterdam, Riga and Budapest. Our project aims at designing public spaces (and the according policies) where self-organised events can take place legally and with a simplified bureaucratic procedure. We want to set up a dialogue between young people and decision makers, flanked by multi-disciplinary experts, to facilitate the access of young people and their (sub-)cultural practices to urban space.

Arno, Ramon / Berlin, Amsterdam


"DISCO STEW" project aims to be a better place to discuss urgent problems on democratic processes in our country, role of civil society in the democratic renewal, active citizenship and other social issues.  The young people will make a big soup (or stew) to develop better atmosphere for face to face communication in an environment conductive to freedom of speech in order to learn from each other and to build the future together.

Liana, Hayk / Yerevan


Goal of Silvertrace is to imagine audio-visual in the future and to begin to put it in practice by seeking to replace the digital gaps. For many years now, films and videos were created in very similar ways. However, a whole load of new technologies are being created that allow us to imagine new ways of filming, modifying and sharing audiovisual creations. At the moment, we are creating web series, 360° videos and soon we hope to dip into virtual reality.

Patrick, Nathalie / Nantes

Globeconteur - Living stories of territories

The objective of Globeconteur is to collect and share local stories and lyrics gathered from volunteers inhabitants, mainly from the elderly. The project is based on the involvement of citizens, territories and the creation of an internet platform. It invites to share values of solidarity, memory and peace among different generations and cultures.

Vincent, Leslie / Nantes

Let’s Do It Greece

This project lies within the idea that all of us, no matter how different, have something to contribute to our communities. Living and working together, getting to know each other, we can promote progress, become active citizens and realize we are not alone in our efforts. The largest concurrent volunteering campaign in Greece, with more than 109.000 volunteers (or 1 % of the population) coming together, in a single day, to clean up and improve their communities across the whole country.

Anastasios, Ioannis / Athens


Fairbnb is a collaborative Peer2Peer accommodation platform that lets anyone list their apartment/room for short periods while contributing to the wellbeing of the city. Rentals, guests, hosts and neighbors could collectively decide together with municipalities how to make the rental process fairer, more sustainable and rewarding for the whole community. Profits would be invested back into the communities where the platform operates.

Damiano, Vincent / Rome

Malycium Lab’

Malycium Lab’ is a DIY tearoom, a place for exchanges, creativity and discoveries, bio and local products (mainly homemade) with an objective of zero waste. It’s a moving tearoom in a caravan accompanied by its relaxation area in Flex yurt with retro vintage atmosphere and the sweetness of swing music!

Saskia, Camille / Rezé

Byte to Unite

Our project is all about improving the lives of young people in Cardiff. Each year an issue is raised through a national campaign and we work on the top issues voted on in Cardiff. Curriculum for Life has been a top issue for the last 3 years and young people have been working together to create positive change for young people in Cardiff around PSE and Mental health Awareness.

David, Sophie / Cardiff

A book of proposals for political and social awareness of youths

The Network is an open group of 50 young students that through meetings closely or online exchange views and prepare proposals for Katerini, a small city that struggles with youth unemployment. This project will create a social organisation for young people of this city and promote youth work and social participation. “Without adopting any progressive solutions for a more sustainable future, the situation won’t get any better.”

Zafeiris, Dimitros / Katerini

WOman (Work of man)

Young women struggle with unemployment problem as well as time gender inequality and inequality of opportunity. There are big prejudices against the employment of female employees even if they are qualified. WOman project aims to create an equality of gender and opportunity especially in the area of employment, to raise awareness about it and increase awareness and familiarity of EU’s values.

Esin, Mert / Izmir

Walking Encyclopedia

Walking Encyclopedia is a social project aimed at raising the level of education amongst the citizens by implementing an alternative educational method: people are given the chance to place their offer (via webpage) by stating what kind of knowledge/skill they are willing to teach and what kind of knowledge/skill they expect to acquire in return.

Nikoloz, Taso Gvantsa / Tbilisi

Foodsharing Katowice

The project is about creating a place in which everyone can leave some food that they don’t need but it is before the expiry date. In this way the food is prevented from being thrown away, and at the same time people in need can take the food from a special cupboard in the public place (restaurant). Our aim is also to integrate the local community.

Anna, Kamila / Katowice

Room à la Rom

This project encourages exchanges, dialogues, meetings and reunions about the Roms culture during an artistic, entrepreneurial, radiophonic and participatory event. We organise an evening Room à la Rom: which gathers the French and Roms culture in the center of attention in a curious interaction (room, space and time) to make them accessible through art and friendliness.

Marlène / Nantes


A cross-border platform that unites media makers and activists from three countries. Its aim is to give voice to youth and cover the topics often ignored by mainstream media as well as connect people from three neighboring countries (Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova) to produce content together. By joint work, it is possible to extend one’s network, break stereotypes and create important stories.

Anna / Lviv


Intercultur’aide is an association that helps to assist unaccompanied foreign minors living in the Nantes region. We work together with non-governmental organisations based in Nantes and we organise school support workshops and trips for them every weekend.

Lisa, Pauline / Nantes

Solidarity Sandwich

Solidarity sandwich is a project that aims to collect products for homeless shelter, share sandwiches in exchange for one product and mainly sensitize the local community to see the problems of homeless people in our town. Our students won the 3rd prize in the video competition of NGO organisation "Žmergo" ("Plate full of humanity"). We collected 262 products that were given to homeless people in exchange of 200 sandwiches.

Katarina, Marina / Rijeka

Battle: Russian roulette

Battle project mixes all dance styles from electro to contemporary dance through hip hop, everything in an original and crazy concept. In every round except the final round, each group of 3 dancers turns the wheel (wheel of fortune) that will give a restraint to the opposing team. The project is also attached to the ecological issues which is kind of rare in a dance battle. It is mainly visible in the construction of the wheel and the trophies from recycled materials and in asking the participants and dancers to come by public transport or carpooling.

Marion, Alan / Nantes

See your options and get to know professions

The project target is to help kids understand their options, interests, capabilities and further development opportunities provided by educational institutions. Playfully solving small practical tasks, kids acquire useful skills in further life while at the same time making insights for professions that can be learned at RTVS (Riga Trade Vocational Secondary) school. This project also helps kids with no parents to better integrate in the society and professional field.

Evija Aija, Krista / Riga

Expressions Nomades

La Caravane (The Caravan) is both a mobile studio and an art library of impressions and collaborative editions. General goal of this project is to encourage sharing activities and experience around the issue of multiple and publishing. The heart of the project is facilitation of linocut workshops. The association also creates a collection of art library by adding its own productions and by organizing interactive workshops with other artists in order to produce collaborative editions (fanzines, linked books, etc.).

Alexandra, Pauline / Nantes