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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Back at seventeen

Back at seventeen is an audiovisual project where people of different nationalities and ages are invited to remember how they were at their seventeen. This project makes a trip to this age of uncertainty of adolescence and transition to adult life. Conducted through personal interviews, the soul of this project is to work on integration of youth, who recently left their seventeen, to seniors, who have almost forgotten their seventeen.

Angela, Yaiza / Torrijos

Alive and Kicking Neighbourhood

In this project, students live and work in a number of targeted neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague which are facing social deprivation. Together with partners such as municipalities and housing associations, students actively contribute to social challenges in these neighbourhoods, by initiating and organizing projects for residents. Thereby, students are given a key role in improving the social environment, such as liveability and social cohesion.

Sarah, Maartje / Amsterdam


Benenova cooperates with local associations in order to prepare short and specific voluntary projects with strong social impact that focus on making the sympathy engagement for all easier. Every citizen, regardless of age or minimal contribution can engage in realization of those projects by sacrificing just a few hours from time to time. 

Laurent / Nantes


Bristol Nature Network

Bristol Nature Network responds to the need for a forum that enables the passionate and talented young wildlife enthusiasts in Bristol to join together by providing opportunities for our members to engage with nature, work with the local community and maximise benefits for themselves, the environment and the city.

Jennifer, Madeleine / Bristol

Architecture and re-use

This project focuses on the creation of interdisciplinary workshop-based event that will promote the re-use in the field of architecture, object design and art creation. Know-how, inventiveness and ingenuity are applied for the reflection on the reutilization of the materials issued from the re-use in order to offer habitable or poetic structures. Different materials to be re-used will be gained by a selective collection or they will be brought by the inhabitants.

Thomas, Lilian / Nantes

Real Innovative Great Heroic Tasks

Project is executed as a few hours event, between young job seekers and their potential employers. Representatives from the companies give participants current tasks concerning issues that the company is struggling with. Participants try to solve those tasks in order to prove their skills and to show the potential the young people can offer to the companies.

Sanja, Nina / Ljubljana


The participants aged from 12 to 16 years will get the chance to develop their video skills by exploring and trying out the cultural and social life in their own city, and making video reports about it. Their work will be then collected and displayed on internet, so that peers and other interested parties get an overall picture of cultural and leisure activities in their city. Helped by a mentor, the youngsters will learn how to use a camera, do interviews, and so on.

Shauni, Barbara / Ghent


This educational and social project targets the exchange and promotion of different cultures of the urban hip-hop dance style. During an international forum in Nantes, several European dance groups should gather in order to strengthen the passion of hip-hop dancing the young French people have, as well as to familiarize the broader public with this urban culture by the means of shows, schools of dance, workshops and others.

Esthelle, Nathan, Sabrina / Nantes

RE-BON, Nantes gleaning network

RE-BON project objective is to act specifically to reduce the food waste and to raise awareness about this topic among citizens. One of the core activities done by the volunteers is the collection of the fruits and vegetables meant to be trashed by the agricultural concerns. This food is further used and redistributed by charity associations. 

Flavie / Rezé

Paint the City, paint it yourself

Paint the City! is a community project to beautify neglected public facilities which are used every day. Since the April 2013 the inhabitants of Bratislava have been using bus-stops decorated by artistic elements. The goal is to bring the joy of the use of those facilities so that they serve their purpose with dignity, and also to encourage citizens themselves to greater solidarity and responsibility for their environment.

Slavomir,  Maros / Bratislava

Radicalisation LookOut !

The Radicalisation LookOut! builds around an observatory on the Far-Right and populism and the production of information campaigns targeted at the European youth aged between 14 and 25. The project aims to inform on the threats these parties and movements represent for Europe, directly to youth, in and out of learning environment. Information shall create a virtuous circle of involvement and activism, thus defeating the culture of ignorance and fear on which populism thrives on.

Sebastiano, Francesca / Pavia

Everybody loves French accents

This project will create a place of communication where young people from France will have the opportunity to practice English while discussing with each other or with the volunteers around the interactive installation that will further integrate the visitors of the site. The main objective is to encourage French people to speak English and to allow them to open themselves to the world.

Tiphaine / Nantes

JOBNET – Fighting youth unemployment

JOBNET is a research on youth unemployment led by youth. It was conducted in 6 countries at the same time and the results have been put together in a conference and in a final research paper. The youth groups didn’t have prior experience on research, but following the principle “nothing about us without us” and using innovative methodology, the final research paper includes accurate quantitative and qualitative answers about current situation in Europe on youth unemployment.

Liene, Liga / Valmiera

Breaking tour

BREAKING TOUR is a project that supposes a creation of a mobile studio that would make a tour of Europe in order to meet the activists of different urban cultures. The main idea is to highlight the groups, communities of artists, associations and others, thus creating dynamic of exchange among the European youth through the common activities such as music recordings, radio broadcasts, reports and so on.

Antoine, David / Nantes

Young Dance Laboratory

Since four years Young Dance Laboratory combines verbal and non-verbal forms of expression in order to explore new aspects and new forms of artistic work. Working together as a company, being part of it and at the same time being someone special – these are some of the experiences. Current project “No play about love” examines how the youth deals with love.

Dominique, Sina / Dortmund

Me and Society

The group with 20 members will be established, out of them 10 deaf-and-dumb youth and 10 GoriUniversity students who will attend master class of photography, with practical photo-taking part on the topic of “Me and Society”. Participants will communicate with each other only in a non-verbal way, in order to make equal conditions for everyone and also to feel how it is to be deaf-and-dumb. In addition all of them will express their feelings and emotions through their photos.

Nona, Teona / Tbilisi

A map of precious memories

The idea of this project, realised in 2012, was to combine two concepts: collecting of inhabitants’ memories and promotion of the Warsaw district Ursus, in order to raise awareness about the history this quarter has to offer and also to strengthen the sense of local identity that the new inhabitants often lack. To connect the new with the old, the stories collected were hidden and possible to be found by the means of geocaching internet platform.

Magdalena / Warsaw

News from Saarbrücken

The project offers to young people from Saarbrücken and Nantes the possibility to discover similarities and specificities of those two twin cities by the means of youth exchange or workshops led by young people that will focus on the mobility in Europe, the initiatives and the involvement of the youth and the place of interculturality in the European context.

Linda, Emaleu, Sandrine / Nantes

Multilingual Lithuania

„Multilingual Lithuania“ was initiated in order to encourage Lithuanians to learn foreign languages. It is created to highlight the importance of the language and culture learning. The main idea of the project is that international students from different backgrounds (usually Erasmus students) are volunteering and try to become language teachers for Lithuanians.

Auguste, Ieva / Vilnius

Music Career Path

The "Music Career Path" is a project for young talented artists and musicians who don’t have the means to enter Polish or international music scene. The project is based on three main assumptions, which are also determinants of volunteer activities - youth, activity and talent. Besides the music, project also aims at first aid education and drug and alcohol prevention. The whole event culminates with the Jeżowe Rock Festival, where selected participants will perform.

Rafal, Zuzanna / Jezowe

Big Window Walk

The Big Window Walk is a drawing art project initiated in Ghent. Together with local artists, Britt Raes draws on the windows of houses and shops. It is a form of street art that can be enjoyed from the inside and the outside. The goal of the project is to create a Big Window Walk, through different cities and countries and in that way unite the local citizens and international artists.

Britt, Jana / Ghent


Graffhistory is an artistic project that aims to promote interest in the history of the city by graffiti. The goal set is to paint murals on the walls of the neighbourhood where the story of the city will be told. Intention is to show that young people can also help to improve the city and its common places and that graffiti is not vandalism but a way of art expression and an important part of urban culture today.

Raul, Sergio / Gijon

LeaderSHE Club

This club was created as a platform for future projects, network development and sustainability of Young Women Leaders’ Academy. The club’s activity is to support young people in the process of their education and career determination, promote social and civic attitude, help people who are less-fortunate and to respond to immediate needs of the society.

Cristina, Cristina / Chisinau

Man (woman) Behind the Uniform

To change the hostile behaviour that young people display towards adults in uniforms, a model was developed that consists of ten weeks course where the youth gets to meet the uniform careers in their work environment. They get the chance to try some of their daily work thus creating good dialogues and discussions that lead to better understanding for each other.

Abed, Janina / Gothenburg

Revelation site

The idea behind this project is to transform the construction site from a place of disturbance to an area where creativity and exchange can thrive thus creating an observatory of the changes made within this urban laboratory. This revelation will allow us to integrate the future users in the construction process, to encourage their curiosity and to initiate relation between the construction site and the exterior.

Charlotte, Anaïs / Nantes

Festival "l'Ere de rien"

The banks of the river Sèvre in Rezé (close to Nantes) host the free spring festival "l’Ere de rien" that brings together not only the local creative initiatives but also the young emerging groups of the international pop and rock scene, mostly from the whole Europe. Ambition is simple – leave the beaten paths and offer an original festival full of flawless programme and open and casual atmosphere. It is a week-end of discoveries and exchange.

Nathan / Rezé

Over the spot

This project tries to offer a different point of view on European countries, such as Italy or Greece, different from the idea we have of their current economic situation often stereotyped by the media. The goal is to promote initiatives of the individuals and associations of those countries who succeeded to organize different activities in social or business area despite the difficult situation in their countries.

Francesco, Theodora / Athens

Bandsalat special prize 2014

Young people between 14 and 30 were asked to participate in a short film competition with a special topic of “International Week against Racism”. The aim of this project (that takes place regularly every two years) is to make young people involved and think about problems such as racism nowadays and how everybody can do something against it. The results were presented to a broader public during an award ceremony.

Zoë, Mato / Saarbrücken