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Here are projects that have been showcased during the NCG Forums since 2009. Culture, social inclusion, environment, solidarity, media..., they all have on thing in common: the aim to strengthen the notion of citizenship and "living together".

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Bake cyclocultural track

Promote cycling and develop cultural activities in small towns in Slovakia by organising a cycle route between Bratislava and Kosice.

Michal / Bratislava


Young people from the KOUAKILARIV’ association teach other youngsters to use a professional camera. They help them to frame their shots, select images and prepare their own exhibition.

Antsa / Nantes

Youth Ambassadors

15 young volunteers play their part in creating social cohesion by offering advice to local authorities on public policy, in relation to young people, immigration and integration in particular.

Joan and Zinab / The Hague

Utopia Helsinki

Promote access to culture for all young people by respecting their differences and fighting discrimination (on the grounds of disability, sexual orientation, etc.); young people are involved in organising cultural activities and events for young people.

Aikku and Atlas / Helsinki

A case of belonging

Exchange intercultural experiences based on an original play expressing the identities of the playwrights, their conception of borders and their native country, and also their memories.

Sinead and Rachel / Bishop Auckland


Discover your town through photographs: young people organise their own photo marathon in Nantes, Saarbrücken and Tbilisi to promote and deepen relationships between young people in these three twin towns.

Anna-Rebekka and Joséphine / Saarbrücken

Youth political cinema club

Cultivation of a culture of youth civil activism, free discussion and critical thinking by screening controversial and debatable political films, inviting expert lecturers, hosting discussions, creating atmosphere of tolerance and respect of human rights.

Nadezda and Timofey / Moscow

Objectif Solutions Alternatives

Production and distribution of a video documentary highlighting new initiatives for a sustainable development in the United States. Educating young people in sustainable development issues.

Pauline and Florian / Nantes

The Chlamydia lottery

Organizing an impactful communication campaign on the risks of unprotected sexual intercourse.

Sofie and Ellis William / Goetborg

Picnic Festival for human Diversity

Large picnic with music and lectures for free with over 6,000 visitors in a park of Goetborg. Philosophy: Constantly working for and not against.

Anna, Kalle, Sebastian / Goetborg

Taking part workshops

Improvement of the mental health and wellbeing of people suffering from common mental health problems, increasing their access to local services and improving relationships between primary care and the 3rd sector.

Victoria and Mathew / Wallsend


Create a media platform to allow young journalists to break into the working world. Publishing content on the website gives these young people the opportunity to express themselves freely and to be active citizens.

Nikita / Budapest

Equal opportunities for men and women

Identification of the problems of gender inequality within Georgia and an information campaign according to the results of the research, identification of the role of globalization as it pertains to gender equality.

Tamari and Tamar / Tbilissi


Showing people that they should first think about their own space "where everything is changing without them".

Konstantine and Teimuraz / Tbilissi

Sun City 2011

Teaching the youth to affect their own environment and giving the people in the city the possibility to enjoy this creativity. Development of the city environment.

Teresa and Kieram / Helsinki


Promoting and supporting youth mobility (Europe and International), social integration of youngsters children and youth with disabilities through the organization of activities and the involvement of young volunteers in local associations.

Shqiponja / Altamura

The Essay contest "European values"

Sharing ideas about citizenship, democratic and market-oriented reform, youth leadership, and the ways that Belarus can create avenues for youth to participate in the political and economic spheres.

Denis and Dzimitry / Minsk

Radio Jeans Network

Renew the radio media in Europe and the Mediterranean area in order to foster to the circulation of ideas among young people in schools, universities and leisure centers, by organizing trainings (technical and journalistic) and developing international meetings.

Alessandro / Genova

Youth changing the world

Formation of peacemakers that will work in their region to solve problems and also to reduce the risks of conflicts between the population of different ages, cultures and origins.

Sanda-Daniela / Chisinau

Breaking stereotypes

Combating racism and fostering tolerance of young people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by fighting traditional and new stereotypes, training specialists working with youth and education of young people.

Diana, Natalija, Oksana / Vilnius