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Final discussion of the 2013 NCG Forum

Final discussion of the NCG Forum based on the ideas and proposals from the workshop "Your ideas for the future". Debate moderated by Laurianne Systermans journalist in Eur@dionantes.

Synthesis of the ideas developed during the debate:

- To encourage businesses or private actors who support the initiatives brought by NGOs and associations, through tax cuts for example.
- To recognize and value volunteering in a project.
- To facilitate the creation of a network of projects and citizens in Europe, through the establishment of an online platform.
- To pay attention to the relaxation of selection criteria of some European calls for proposals which might restrict the creativity of young people. 
- To rethink the way of indexing flat rates for European projects, making them more flexible
- To strengthen the implementation of long time fundings to NGOs

Listen to the debate on the Euradionantes website:

Final discussion during the 2011 Forum

Euradionantes, the european radio school, organized a discussion on the involvement of young people in Europe

What place is left to young Europeans in the public debate?  Is there voice taken in account by policy-makers ? How to involve young people in public decision-making?

A discussion moderated by Cyril Douillard, journalist at Euradionantes on October 2011.

Listen to this on the Euradionantes website: