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Support for cross-border projects

In order to stimulate synergies and promote long-term relationships between participants, a prize rewards projects involving cooperation between the people of Nantes and Europeans. Funding of € 5,000 max. allows young people who took part in the Forum to set up and implement a joint project.

The NCG Cooperation Award
Each year, Nantes Métropole and the City of Nantes launch the NCG Cooperation Award. Allocated in the form of a subsidy to project holders who participated in the NCG Forum since 2009, it encourages the creation and implementation of a joint project by young people from Nantes metropolitan area and several European countries. A jury in Nantes selects joint projects which will respectively receive 5.000 Euros maximum per project.

Who can apply?
Non-profit associations or groups of young people who took part in a Forum since 2009 and whose project includes:

– At least one non-profit association or group of young people from Nantes.
– At least two non-profit associations or groups of young people from two other European countries.

Participants must be aged between 18 and 30. The Nantes associations that took part in the organization of the Forum can also apply.

And project proposals?
The proposed project must involve a specific activity which strengthens the concept of citizenship and “living together”, promotes civil European society, citizenship and cohabitation within countries. The project must be particularly creative and innovative, regardless of the field: for example, artistic or cultural area, media, sustainable development, social, active citizenship, European openness. It must be suitable for presentation at the next Forum with audiovisual supports (photos, video, etc.).

When should the project be implemented?
The project should be put in action before the end of September in order to be presented at the next NCG Forum in October.

Who is responsible for the project?
The organisation responsible for the project must be a Nantes organisation although the idea for the project may have been put forward by an organisation or group from another European country since 2009.

When and how the project is selected?
The representants of the project in Nantes are asked to present the application to a jury which consists of members of the NCG Steering committee. Project holders are then notified by the end of January. The subsidy is paid in March/April to the Nantes organisation.

Selection criterias :  
- Contribution to “living together”
- Innovative ideas, methods, topics
- Interest of the trans-national approach
- Potential for long-term development
- Technical and financial feasibility

When and how to submit your project?
The project holders must fill in the following application form and send it by email to before December 3rd of each year. It is possible to apply in French and/or English language.

Awarded projects

> NCG Cooperation awards 2018-2019

  • EU Lobby bot
  • Nature and you
  • Ecotivity school

> NCG Cooperation awards 2017-2018

  • So you don’t think you can dance - Meet up
  • Foodsharing
  • Dance 360 heritage edition
  • NANA!
  • Kune

> NCG Cooperation awards 2016-17

  • LOAD
> NCG Cooperation awards 2015-16

> NCG Cooperation awards 2014-15


> NCG Cooperation award 2013-14


Actions to promote involvement and citizenship in the public space in Nantes through the implementation of a collaborative garden made with seeds from all over Europe, provided by network of NCG Forum participants. Workshops on micro-volunteering, animations and original events surrounding the involvement of residents in their area.


Creating cooperation and production of a drama to be performed in social structures, medical and educational institutions, cultural events, etc. Artist residency from 3 countries and representations in the city of Nantes (Silent theater).


Making a reportage/photo trip between Nantes and Tbilisi, integrating exhibitions and theater workshops Forum. Main goals: to question and debate the notion of borders, walls, freedom. Project was made by a group of French, German and Georgian young people. 

> NCG Cooperation Award 2011-12


Production and broadcast of a short film on the process of building environmentally friendly social housing for the Roma community in Kojatice/Slovakia. This audiovisual project offers an unusual insight into social inclusion and sustainable development.


Realisation of theater-forum activities: tool of questioning and social integration of young people. Objective: improvement of youth relations with institutions.

> NCG Cooperation Award 2010-11


A mobile arts project which transforms the public space into a virtual workshop and suggestion box. Using pop-up installations, artists explore the potential of urban sites and take visitors on imaginary journeys.