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2015-2016 Awards

Every year, the Cooperation award provides support to new projects designed by Forum participants. The winning projects will be carried out from March to September and a report will be presented at the next edition of the Forum in October 2016. In 2015-2016 : 3 projects have beeen awarded and 1 will be supported as an experimentation :

Spruce Up Bucharest #3

NCG Experimental project*

The project :

Production of a short video documentary by filmmakers from Nantes (Dipp) and Portugal (Spruce Up) on the rehabilitation / conversion of an old house into a cultural center by young people in Bucharest (Home Matasari)

A Polish artist who took part in The CAN project was also present to inspire the project and replicate it to Krakow in Poland. The documentary followed her in the discovery of how to turn an abandoned place into a cultural project. Filming took place during the festival organized by this cultural center in June 2016 : Femei pe Matasari

Afterwards, the documentary was disseminated in Nantes and Europe.

Partners :

* The project didn’t match the full criteria to apply to NCG Cooperation Award but due to its interest, a support will be provided as an experiment.

Video : trailer of the short-doc made in Bucharest
Video : the full short documentary

Nantes Sounds

NCG Cooperation Award

The project :

Through an audio installation, Nantes Sounds invites you to meet the inhabitants of Nantes. Discover their true stories. As unusual as they may sound. NANTES SOUND draws up the portrait of these inhabitants by listening to their story/ies. The team helps them to refine their words, so that they can record and/or bring it on stage.
The project can take several forms:
- As content: recording made up from testimonies. These testimonials can be used on in its purest form during exhibitions. (approx. 45 min of recording. Loop broadcasting is possible.);
- As an installation : in partnership with other projects (variable duration);
- an event-driven forum: during which the locals share their stories in a live situation (duration approx. 1h)

Based on the Use-it map of Nantes project, and thanks to the experience and methods developed by the participants of Belgrade and Ghent.

Partners : 

Festivals and accessibility for all

NCG Cooperation Award

The project :

To develop accessibility for disabled people at the Theatre Festival Grafiti 2016, that took place in Metz on 23 to 28 May 2016, through:
- The implementation of accessibility measures
- The organization of a dance workshop by "Danceway project"
- An exhibition presented by Cyclosocial
- The creation of a guide with good practices aimed at festival organizers and cultural events

The festival is organized by the Great Region including Saarland, Luxembourg, Lorraine and takes place every year in a different region.

Partners :

Cooperation award ceremony during 2016 NCG Forum

  • Nantes Sound
  • Spruce up Bucharest
  • Festival and accessibility for all