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2014-2015 Awards

Every year, the Cooperation award provides support to new projects designed by Forum participants. The winning projects will be carried out from March to September and a report will be presented at the next edition of the Forum in October 2015.

The NCG Cooperation Award

After the 2014 Forum, 5 applications have been sent. A jury in Nantes selected three joint projects which respectively received financial support until 5.000 Euros. The projects were carried out in 2015. 

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Partners : 

• Festival "l’Ere de rien" - Nantes/Rezé -France
• Big Window Walk - Ghent - Belgium  
• UITtesters - Ghent - Belgium   
• Back at seventeen - Torrijos - Spain

Project :

It aims at bringing  European dimension to the free music festival "L’Ere de Rien" which takes place on 17 and 18 April 2015 in Rezé (Nantes metropolitain area). Artistic and citizen interventions were presented by Belgian and Spanish projects: scenography, live drawings, video workshops, intergenerational activities, making of a video report. Every action was presented to the public in French, English and Spanish. European participants were invited to bring their global vision and take part in the general organization of the festival.

Report : 

Melos Nova, sketch with tieten met haar, Mediaraven and back at seventeen are non profit organizations created by young people. They all met at the Nantes Creative Generations Forum back in october 2014. 

Their project : Crossroads the idea is to team up and bring all our special skills at one place: L’Ere de Rien Festival in Rezé, France, on 17-18 April 2015. Thanks to the NCG Cooperation Award they made it happen! Eleven people came from Belgium and Spain to Nantes where the team of Melos Nova waited for them. For two days they shared experiences, created something together and had fun.

Sketch with tieten puts Haar: Six Belgian cartoonists are taking place inside the festival to crunch the audience and tasty atmosphere of these two nights on the banks of Sevre river : A dynamic workshop, live creation, surprises, talent and lots of humor. A great opportunity for the public to discover the independent design made in belgium!

Mediaraven: The Mediaraven Belgian association will send two young filmmakers who will perform a live report and interviews with music bands and with the public. A way to capture the atmosphere of this beautiful weekend ahead.

Back at seventeen: This Spanish project has collected the testimonials of 17 people with different backgrounds, each time with the same goal, to return to their 17 and crystallize their personal vision of a time and of a world in constant redefinition. They present their work and conduct interviews with the audience of the festival.

Links :

> Project website

Solingua - Success speaks many languages

Partners : 

Benenova - Nantes - France
• LeaderSHE Club - Chisinau - Moldova 
• Multilingual Lithuania - Vilnius - Lithuania 

Project :

The project aims at launching the first "European network for language solidarity". It aims at creating a group of motivated volunteers to facilitate the communication between associations and people who try to speak the language of the country where they need to live: in Nantes or elsewhere!


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