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2019-2020 Awards

Every year, the Cooperation award provides support to new projects designed by Forum participants. The winning projects will be carried out from March to September and a report will be presented at the next edition of the next Forum.

In 2020, several projects have been set up thanks to the cooperation of European teams that were created during the 2019 NCG Forum.

4 projects received a grant from Nantes Métropole :


The project « Chiaroscuro» is born from the desire to explore the political existence and the possibilities of inclusive participation for subjects who experience different forms of confinement and thus exclusion from the main political arena, by using the possibilities of the arts and of the engagement in the public street.

Partners :

  • Rendre visible, l’invisible / Aminti Association / Nantes - FRANCE
  • Bor.Em.Po. - Borderless Embodied Politics – ITALIE 

Tracks - we are all migrants through time

Nowadays migrations are seen as negative and related to the “others”. We want to organize
an event to show migrations as the rich and natural phenomenon that unites all mankind which they are, by using art in various forms to involve the participants and turn them into protagonists.


  • Expo Photo Ordinaire 
  • Identità Sconfinate – ITALIE 
  • know your refugees– ITALIE


Ecomind is an ducational, yet fun boarding game for young people that develops eco-mindset and spreads the awareness about:
    • Climate change and global warming
    • Ecology
    • Environmental issues
    • Eco-activism
    • Government policy
    • Economy
    • Wildlife
    • Natural disasters
    • Sociodynamics.
We want people to play and to learn about ecological situation and adopt eco-friendly habits.


  • Petits Pieds Nantais - Nantes - FRANCE
  • Demos – ESPAGNE 
  • Game design for inclusion – BIELORUSSIE  

Get Real Now!

“Get Real Now!” is a European podcast project which aims at facilitating an intercultural dialogue among its audiences. A common topic will be discussed in a separate podcast in each participating country and its national language (France, Poland, Russia, UK). Every few months all podcast hosts come together to record an episode in English exchanging their perspectives.


  • Les Aventuriers de la Transition- Nantes - FRANCE
  • Europe Calling – UK 
  • Open café – POLOGNE 
  • Zero Waste – RUSSIE