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Good ideas need a voice

Nantes Creative Generations encourages innovative citizen initiatives, openness towards Europe, meetings and networking between young people from Nantes and Europe.

Young people all across Europe are being innovative and committed, playing their part in shaking up society. They are expressing their creative abilities in every area, defying stereotypes.

In response to the creative abilities of young people in Nantes and Europe-wide, the City of Nantes and Nantes Métropole launched the Nantes Creative Generations (NCG) Forum in 2009 We are convinced that young Europeans and their projects represent the Europe of the future, and we are encouraging and supporting their initiatives.

Today, Nantes Creative Generations is made up of different components, which give young people an opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and to take further steps to reinforce the concept of citizenship and “living together”. It is also a means of recognising their involvement, validating their initiatives in a changing Europe, and fostering the desire to work together.

The innovative nature of Nantes Creative Generations extends beyond its content to its design. It is designed by, for and with young people. Its structure, implementation and assessment framework bring together civil society and a network of non-profit associations from Nantes.

Lastly, Nantes Creative Generations is committed to following up the bonds formed in Europe with institutions (European Commission, Council of Europe) and civil society (European Youth Forum, European Youth Press), thus helping to build a genuine European citizen network.


Encourage creative and citizen initiatives
Nantes Creative Generations supports young Europeans who are involved in or want to make a commitment to the theme of “living together”. Nantes Creative Generations fosters the creation and successful implementation of many types of inspiring and innovative projects, which promote greater humanity, generosity and solidarity in Europe.

Promote meetings and openness towards Europe
By creating an environment which fosters mobility and sharing experiences, Nantes Creative Generations would like to give all young people the opportunity to develop an open attitude to Europe, to forge and foster relationships within a European network, and to access advice, contacts and resources in order to set up new initiatives.

Main lines

The Forum

This is the core NCG event. The Forum, which takes place every year in the autumn, aims to bring together young people to present their innovative and inspirational projects linked to citizenship. As well as showcasing their own projects, participants will have the chance to learn from peers across Europe and to gain better understanding of the European dimension of local projects. This is a forum for dialogue about the realities affecting young people in Europe, and also a time for work and thought – a genuine melting pot of ideas and cultures.

The Cooperation Award

In order to stimulate synergies and promote long-term relationships between participants, a prize rewards projects involving the cooperation between the people of Nantes and Europeans. Funding up to € 5,000 allows young people who have taken part in the Forum to set up and implement a joint project.

NCG on Tour

Nantes Creative Generations also wants to get young people from Nantes involved, in particular those who have the fewest opportunities, to help them to develop projects and get active around Europe. Every year, NCG on Tour helps young people from Nantes to meet former Forum participants in places all over Europe. This is an opportunity to learn about projects, speak another language and bring the network to life.

The aim of Nantes Creative Generations is to transform encounters into permanent links and to build a network of young people who are involved in, or seeking to become involved in, innovative citizen projects. 
Key figures

NCG, since 2009:

400 young participants gathered in Nantes during the Forum
36 nationalities
15 local associations involved
14 Cooperation awards 
56 youngsters from Nantes visiting Europe