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NCG 2018 "Funny box"

NCG 2018 "Video report" by orange Magazine

NCG 2017 "Funny box"

Made by Les Studios Bellarue 17 and Cornerstone association for the NCG Forum 2017.

The best moments of the Forum NCG 2017

Watch the video report of the #NCG2017 Forum shot by team of young journalists from Orange Magazine. A big thank you goes to James Cropper et Teona Goderdzishvili! 

This video is also to relate with some really nice articles on the Orange magazine website :

NCG on Tour 2017 - Lisbon

NCG on Tour 2017 - Budapest

NCG on Tour 2017 - Tirana

NCG 2016 "Funny box"

Made by Les Studios Bellarue 17 and Cornerstone for NCG Forum.

NCG2016 Forum overview

A video report of the #NCG2016 Forum shot by the Orange Magazine media team. Thanks a lot to Irene Dominioni and Edwige Jeannenot!

This video is also to relate with a really nice article on the Orange magazine website:

Spruce Up Europe - Bucharest - Cooperation Award 2015-2016

Video report made in the frame of the NCG Cooperation Award 2015-2016

#NCG2015 Forum overview

Video by Nedim Hadrovic and Mélody Dafonseca from Orange Magazine / European Youth Press for the 2015 NCG Forum. 

Special Euradionantes broadcast

Spcial broadcast dedicated to the 2015 edition of NCG Forum.

> Here on the Euradionantes website 

Crossroads project - NCG Cooperation award 2014-2015

Video of the "Crossroads" project, made by participants of the 2014 NCG Forum, thanks to the Cooperztion Award : Festival l’Ere de rien (Rezé), Uitesters (Ghent), Big Window Walk (Ghent), Back at seventeen (Torrijos - Spain). 

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NCG On Tour 2015 : Amsterdam

NCG On Tour 2015 : Göteborg

NCG On Tour 2015 : Bratislava

Solingua - Cooperation award 2014-2015

Video presentation of the "Solingua" project, which aims at creating a group of motivated volunteers to facilitate the communication between associations and people who try to speak the language of the country where they need to live: in Nantes or elsewhere

Le projet was set up by participants to the 2014 NCG Forum and got support from the NCG Cooperation Award : Benenova (Nantes), Multilingual Lithuania (Vilnius), Leadershe (Chisinau)

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2014 NCG Forum report by Nantes Métropole Webtv

NCG 2014 – Participants and projects presentation, by Orange Magazine

2014 Forum report by Orange Magazine

NGC Forum 2014: Interview of Karine Daniel, Vice-president of Nantes Métropole and Deputy Mayor of the City of Nantes, by Orange Magazine

Euradinantes report on NCG 2014 Forum : interview of Karine Daniel, Sebastiano Putoto and Francesca Nuzzo

Videobooth - By Citémonde

NCG on Tour 2014 - Tbilisi - Georgia

NCG on Tour 2014 - Rhodes - Greece

NCG on Tour 2014 - Sofia - Bulgaria

Interview of Michal Sladek from the Ecor’Home project - 2012

The initiative of Michal Sladek is to shoot and broadcast a short film on the process of building environmentally friendly social housing for the Roma community in Kojatice/Slovakia. This audiovisual project offers an unusual insight into social inclusion and sustainable development. The project, built with the Youth Political Club (Russia) and Cré’Alters (Nantes) won the 2012 Cooperation Award

A report by Euradionantes

Interview of Ponja Hoxha about the project Theater for social activity - 2012

Interview of Ponja Hoxha, representative of Culturale Link, explains the details of the theater project and the work of her organisation. Theatre could be a good way of promoting for social integration between young people. This is the main idea of one of the two projects that has been discussed as part of Nantes Creative Generations. This particular idea came from the Culturale Link Association, in Altamura (Italy), and it’s been organised with two other associations: one in Lithuania and the other in Nantes.

A report by Euradionantes.

Back on the 2011 Forum

A video by Vlipp

Solidarity and social issues workshop 2010

A video by Vlipp

Special edition of the Europa magazine - Forum 2010

Intercultural dialogue workshop - 2010

A video by Vlipp